6 Ways AI is Already Getting Involved in Digital Marketing

As ChatGPT and Bard are coming head to head and with all AI related news in the air, I don’t think it’s necessary to define AI for you. I am sure, even someone who claims theirs as the best digital marketing company won’t realize how far and wide AI is already involved in theri business.


In one way or the other you all might start to experience the advancements of AI in our daily life. You might be using several AI tools and discussing them. I strongly believe AI backed digital marketing is still a rarely discussed topic.


The 6 AI Integrated Digital Marketing Features

Inducing AI in digital marketing is not something coming in the future. Many big companies are using AI to various extent to market their product and services digitally. E-commerce websites are leading in utilizing AI in digital marketing. The simplest form of AI incorporation for marketing is the chatbots we see in some websites. Let me pick 5 such applications of AI in digital marketing.



Have you ever wondered how come these websites are understanding our tastes and preferences? It is AI working behind the scenes to process the data containing your requirements, search history, previous choices, filters used and timings. For this processing, data is obtained through all possible ways.


Not all the recommendations you see in e-commerce websites are AI-powered. However, all the cool, jaw-dropping and often scary recommendations you see are not just coincidence. They are the work of AI using your own data that are collected with or without your knowledge. All modern telecommunication devices are capable of this data collection.


Targeted Ads

Another application of AI, similar to product recommendation, is targeted ads. Just like the recommendations, you might have also seen ads appear in various sites you visit. Even they are so much aligned to your preference.


Even though not as accurate as recommendations, targeted ads are also a highly effective tool. This is mainly based on your search history. Not just that, any inputs available for the data collecting system, majorly your personal devices like mobile phones and laptops, can contribute to the targeted ads. Despite the almost shady data collection, the targeted ads can turn out to be highly useful to the consumers as well.


Marketing Automation

A digital marketing company follows, just like any other business processes, certain repetitive yet unavoidable steps. Whenever there is a repetitive task performed within a particular system, be it any domain or any industry, the chances of automation arise.


Automated marketing is the process of setting certain parameters to automate a marketing task otherwise requires human intervention. Automation can be done even without the help of modern AI. However, with the integration of AI and data science, automation of marketing can be taken to new heights with even lesser human interventions. With AI, even the parameters also can be set automatically according to the data collected.


Content Creation

There are certain realms of digital marketing which requires lots of content compilations. Also, in many cases you need to follow certain repetitive formats in the contents. In all these cases AI can come to your help. Just like automated tasks, content compilation, analysis and contents in repetitive formats can be produced with various AI tools. Indeed, there are many limitations for now. But, as I said, the AI domain is improving and you can expect better results each time. The best digital marketing company in the coming days should be able to make use of this brilliantly.



Customer Care

Chatbots are improving day by day. It is of no question. So why don’t we use the capability of chatbots to deal with customers? Especially since most of the responses required are in a set format. You might have already experienced how far AI responses have improved in the last few years. Look at ChatGPT for instance. The responses it produces are really useful.


I agree, there are flaws. But, with more and more data being feeded, chatbots are gaining more power. Days are not far where the majority of the general customer care interactions are carried out by AI chatbots.


Analytics and Predictions

Advanced AI models are capable of predicting trade outcomes with enough analytical data provided. Even in analytics AI tools can come in handy, making the time required for the data analysis considerably less and that too in a highly automated way. Once the analytics are ready, you can let the AI go on with the predictions on possible outcomes and even suggestions for changes to make in the trade strategy.





AI works better as more and more processable data is added. Data science is one of the most, if not the most, part of AI integrated digital marketing. AI tools can enhance or automate various aspects of digital marketing, from survey to post-sale service interactions. If someone wants to call theirs the best digital marketing company in Dubai, they must be able to tackle this scenario and update according to the advancements in the AI domain.


Yes, the entire work system of the future may be affected by AI integration. But, humans are capable of adjusting with that gradual change. Also to make use of AI in the most efficient manner, Human intervention is inevitable

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