In digital marketing, businesses need to adopt a multi-faceted approach to stay competitive. JachOOs is a leading digital marketing company that has demonstrated an exceptional ability to synergize different digital marketing strategies to propel our clients to new heights. This case study tries to analyze and uncover JachOOs’ strategic and successful approach in combining various digital marketing techniques by detailing the challenges faced during the journey and the outstanding outcomes achieved for one of our clients. 


Client X: A Digital Transformation Success with JachOOs 

Our client ‘X’ is a startup in Dubai and had developed an innovative mobile application designed to streamline project management for small businesses. Despite having a groundbreaking product, Client X was struggling to break through the noise in the competitive tech market. Recognizing the need for a strategic digital partner, Client X turned to JachOOs, as referred by one of our long-term clients.  


Issues Faced by Client X 

  • Limited Visibility: Despite having a powerful project management app, Client X struggled to gain visibility in a saturated market dominated by established players. 
  • Target Audience Identification: Client X had difficulty pinpointing and effectively reaching their target audience within the diverse landscape of businesses looking for project management solutions. 
  • Conversion Optimization: While initial user downloads were promising, converting free users into premium subscribers proved to be a significant challenge for Client X. 


How JachOOs Tackled this Issue 

Social Media Marketing (SMM): 

  • JachOOs initiated an impactful SMM campaign to elevate Client X’s brand presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. 
  • Engaging content showcased the app’s features, highlighted success stories, and offered valuable insights into project management best practices. 
  • Paid advertising campaigns were strategically designed to target decision-makers in small businesses, ensuring maximum exposure to the relevant audience. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

  • Conducting a thorough SEO audit, JachOOs identified key keywords related to project management software. 
  • Content optimization, including blog posts and landing pages, aimed at improving organic search rankings and increasing visibility on search engines. 

Content Marketing: 

  • JachOOs developed a content calendar focused on creating informative blog posts, infographics, and video content tailored to the pain points and needs of small businesses. 
  • Collaborative efforts with industry influencers and project management experts provided additional credibility and expanded Client X’s reach. 

Email Marketing: 

  • Implementing a targeted email marketing strategy, JachOOs segmented users based on their usage patterns, sending personalized emails with exclusive offers and upgrade incentives. 
  • Automated email campaigns were set up to nurture leads, guide free users through the app’s features, and encourage them to upgrade to premium subscriptions. 


Results and Achievements 

  • Increased Brand Visibility: Client X witnessed a significant uptick in brand visibility, with a 60% increase in social media followers and a 40% growth in engagement within the first quarter of the campaign. 
  • Target Audience Engagement: Through targeted SMM and content marketing efforts, JachOOs successfully identified and engaged with Client X’s target audience. The creation of a vibrant online community around project management discussions further solidified Client X’s position as a thought leader in the industry. 
  • Conversion Optimization: JachOOs’ data-driven approach to email marketing resulted in a 25% increase in premium subscriptions, showcasing the effectiveness of personalized campaigns and incentives. 
  • Positive SEO Impact: Client X experienced a notable improvement in search engine rankings, with key app-related keywords consistently appearing on the first page of search results. Organic traffic to Client X’s website increased by 35%, indicating the success of the SEO strategy implemented by JachOOs. 


Challenges and Adaptations 

  • Adapting to Algorithm Changes: Social media algorithms underwent changes during the campaign. JachOOs proactively adapted strategies, ensuring continued effectiveness and taking advantage of new features introduced by platforms. 
  • User Feedback Integration: JachOOs recognized the importance of user feedback in refining the app’s user experience. Client X implemented feedback loops, resulting in app updates that addressed user concerns and improved overall satisfaction. 
  • Scalability for Growth: As Client X’s user base expanded, scalability became a concern. JachOOs worked closely with Client X to implement scalable digital infrastructure and strategies to accommodate rapid growth. 


Looking for the right digital marketing approach? 

The collaboration between Client X and JachOOs serves as a testament to the transformative power of strategic and diversified digital marketing. By seamlessly integrating SMM, SEO, content marketing, and email campaigns, JachOOs successfully propelled Client X from a position of obscurity to a recognized player in the competitive tech market. 

This case study underscores the importance of a tailored approach while implementing various digital marketing techniques for branding and lead generation. JachOOs’ commitment to data-driven decision-making, proactive adaptation to industry changes, and a comprehensive understanding of the client’s goals resulted in a digital transformation that exceeded Client X’s expectations. As Client X continues to thrive in the business hub of Dubai, this success story serves as an inspiration for businesses seeking to leverage the power of integrated digital marketing strategies. 




Digital marketing for E-commerce
Digital marketing for E-commerce 2 (1)
Digital marketing for E-commerce 1 (1)

Online purchase became part of our life within no time. Within less than a decade people’s perspective of online purchase have changed. Many people who complained about the total idea of purchasing things online are now advocates of its benefits. Seeing the boom in online purchase many businesses jumped into e-commerce without much preparation. Those were the ones who didn’t realize the importance of digital marketing for e-commerce activities. Here we are trying to give you all an insight about one such case.

Increased demand for online shopping resulted in more and more businesses investing in e-commerce. Our client in the context is one such client who extended their electronic gadget sales to selling online. Our client had electronic gadget outlets at different locations in the city. Indeed online selling is apt for gadgets. However, in many cases lack of marketing hit back badly. Our client here is a great example for this. What they did great was with the timing. They started this venture right after the COVID outbreak owing to the huge demand. Still, the performance diminished due to various reasons.

Data security

 As the number of e-commerce sites increased rapidly. The problems related to them also surface. There was a time during the pandemic when data breach of a very big company was in the discussion of almost everyone. This resulted in a reverse trend in online shopping affecting mostly the newcomers. Our client was one among them. The sales gradually reduced.


Digital Marketing for E-commerce - Infographics - Problems
Digital Marketing for E-commerce – Infographics – Problems

Customer experience

 When the customer base was less, the service section was running smoothly. However, for our client, customer handling became difficult while the number of customers increased. Listing the items according to the preferences became difficult. Due to the inefficient data handling, identifying the favorite items of customers became a mess. This added to the gradual reduction of customer base. It was evident that customers are shifting to other platforms. However, they managed to add more online customers using their customer base from different outlets. But, this cannot be considered as a solution for the problem. 

High competition

As mentioned before, the time our client stepped into e-commerce was not a very easy time. The competition was high. It only increased due to the pandemic spreading everywhere. Even the local shop owners started a version of e-commerce using messaging applications. Many others started reseller businesses individually using other social media platforms as well. This extraordinary scenario created a disadvantageous situation for our client.

Added to that other major competitors were using newer tactics. Our client also made attempts to compete with different tactics. But, most of them were traditional marketing tactics. Needless to say, the overall effect of all those did not help the business much.

Lack of one-point contact

The contact channel was scattered. For each process, different contact channels were there. This created big issues especially related to returns and refunds. Message channels and different call channels created confusion among the customers. This in turn resulted in delayed returns and refund confirmations. There was also an increase in the complaints from the customers.

Seller – customer identity issues

As the demand increased, our clients started to include other sellers as well as to the platform. With this another problem surfaced. Identification of the sellers and customers. They also faced problems with effectively connecting sellers with customers whenever necessary. Instead they tried to carry out the communications themselves. Needless to say, with their limited resources, it didn’t work well and turned contagious. 

Our intervention

We, as a digital marketing agency, identified the above issues with their e-commerce system. Also, the issues were not solvable just by digital marketing. We had to involve our e-commerce experts to make things right for our client. The problems were discussed in detail by considering them individually. Then our coordinators were given the task to involve the team of e-commerce specialists. With the joint effort, we were able to produce a detailed action plan. We had another round of discussion with the client’s representatives. There we discussed the execution of the action plan, to identify the priority of actions to be done. 

Following are the major activities from the action plan. 

Digital Marketing for E-commerce - Infographics - Solutions
Digital Marketing for E-commerce – Infographics – Solutions

Data analysis for understanding the customer preferences

As mentioned, customer experience was a big issue. The items on display and offers fetched very less response. One of the reasons for this was the failure in identifying the customer preferences. However, with our data analysis the customer preferences were identified and marketing plans for some major items were also delivered.  

Website and application revamp for better item listing

We developed a fresh looking website with additional sorting and filter options. Thus ensured easy navigation and better item discovery for customers. The same modifications were done in their mobile application as well also with extra features to point and shoot at objects to discover similar products. We also introduced a provision to display offers based on the basis of their filtered results. This turned super-helpful for sellers to take their new products to customers.

Interactive landing page for customer issues

We created a landing page exclusively for integrated customer service. We used insights from data analysis to identify the major concerns of customers. Then we classified them according to various parameters like gravity of the concern, frequency etc. With all this information, we were able to prepare an interactive landing page with all the possible issues customers can have. We also included buttons to make calls and WhatsApp communication as well. This addition was a huge hit as the customer appreciation was flowing in after the update. 

Using SMM to highlight the efforts towards data security

Even though the data security was intact for our client, they failed to market that efficiently. We planned a campaign on social media to highlight this advantage of client service. We also included the data security part in all social media descriptions. We did that directly and often indirectly. This indeed created a great impact in reinstating the reputation of our client as an e-commerce venture. 

SEO for offer contents

During revamp and other inclusions we made sure to include SEO contents based on the data analysis we did. We also ensured the offer posters are written in such a way that it aligns with the optimization criteria. We also made sure the product descriptions were rewritten with SEO compliance. 

Integrated digital marketing for better ranking

Along with the product descriptions, we also did SEO for other general contents on the page. We ensured the compatibility of schema for SEO and created a proper and efficient site map. We also worked on implementing a backlinking strategy. With all these we were aiming for increased organic traffic. 

We also conducted shopping ads campaigns with SEM and SMM, brand awareness programs and engagement campaigns on offers. 

Seller database preparation and new coordination channel

After the data analysis, we modified the database of sellers and customers. We categorized sellers according to popularity. We also created a new communication channel where the customer can reach out to the seller in the minimum possible steps. 

Bespoke Digital Marketing for

E-commerce by JachOOs

We were able to do all these in the least possible time since the coordination and integration of various departments was seamless. JachOOs group consist of digital marketing agency, e-commerce service providers and many more. So digital marketing for e-commerce was done by integrating the two departments. This integrated functioning brought us to the top of the business. 

Digital Marketing for Resorts
Digital Marketing for Resorts
Digital Marketing for Resorts

Digital marketing for resorts that are hit by the COVID-19 pandemic was an idea built on two factors. The first one being the fact that a recovery in any conventional approach would be time consuming. Also, the possibility of digital marketing for resorts have increased several folds as the internet penetration during the period was so high.

The scenario:

Owing to the COVID-19 outbreak, resorts were one of the sectors that received the mightiest blow. With airports remaining close, people continuing to home and borders growing stricter, leisure trips were the least probable activity during the pandemic. This scenario affected the resort industry so hard that a fast recovery was near to impossible for any holiday resorts.

The Case:

Here is a case study how one of the leading holiday resorts in Dubai managed to overcome the pandemic crisis by. Their readiness to act in bold even in the most difficult situation helped them to be one of the fastest to recover. The way we incorporated our experience in successful digital marketing for resorts to fight their crisis is something which we are proud to put on as an example to all.

The challenges:

Digital Marketing for Resorts

The overdependence on traditional marketing: Our client here, was super-convenient with the traditional marketing techniques and least preference was given to digital marketing. Especially with their cold social media presence and shortcomings including lack of integration and coordination among their online platforms.

The dull and not very responsive website: Even though there was an established website, it was loaded with some outdated contents and elements. Also the page was over crowded with ‘call to action’ nowhere in the beginning.

The shortcomings in the app resulted in less conversion: The user UI/UX design of the app were not up to the mark. The options that should lead to conversions were under-utilized.

The minimal level or lack of SEO, SMO and PPC: There was no proper SEO strategy due to which the keyword distribution in the website was poor. The social media postings were also inconsistent. Added to these, Google Ads usage was nil.

With the pandemic hitting so hard, most of the conventional marketing techniques were found obsolete. For any business, not milking the benefits of internet penetration increase during the pandemic would be a great setback.

Target audience
  • Any people residing within Dubai looking for a vacation or staycation.
  • Any people wishing to travel to Dubai by any means of transportation.
  • MNCs that regularly provide recreational activities.
  • Tour agencies within Dubai and from other major tourists contributing countries.
  • Frequent travelers.
  • Frequent visitors to Dubai.
The Action

As soon as we entered into terms with the client, we started analyzing the shortcomings of the website in detail. However, a preliminary analysis was already done. With insights from both the preliminary and detailed analyses, we prepared a report and shared it to the client. In the meeting we convinced our client that a total revamp of the website is necessary instead of the minimal modification they were suggesting.

After convincing the client and taking approval we executed the website revamp plan by our team of web developers, designers and content writers. From the older website we created a freshly brewed version. We were able to do this with minimal possible disturbance to the prevailing traffic to the website. We designed the newer version by keeping the base color scheme of the site matching the existing theme and logo.

Being aesthetically pleasing is only secondary for a website. We added the content part and other elements of the websites after careful optimization. Along with different page contents, blog and tourism guides helping the visitors to the country were also added with enough backlinking. With the objective of increasing organic traffic, we added contents and elements carefully and with good planning. This eventually worked. Within the next 16 weeks the primary effect was evident from the increased traffic that appeared in our data analysis.

With the objective to reach the people residing in Dubai, we carried out a special digital marketing for resorts by integrating all the possible methods. We used localized display ads, Bumper ads in YouTube on a limited scale by carefully selecting the timings to maximize reach. Along with that, we strengthened local SEO and SEO by our experienced team.

Aiming the probable tourists to Dubai, we incorporated certain keywords as the part of SEO. Also, we presented display ads in 20 selected countries that contributed the most tourists to Dubai on an average. We did this after analyzing the data of incoming tourists to Dubai from the previous 5 years.

Further we used email marketing too,  to crack the blockage. It was carried out with two separate contents for two different databases. One with all major MNCs and the other with all travel agencies.

Furthermore, social media accounts were also revamped and made sure regular postings were done. After the first two months of regular social media posting and minimal brand awareness campaigns, we started other social media campaigns which majorly included engagement, leads and app promotion campaigns.

Speaking of the app, as mentioned in the beginning, there were a number of shortcomings to deal with like lesser features available when compared to the website. Even though we resolved feature availability issues to an extent with website revamp, we had to attend certain UI/UX issues and limitations with call to action options later. For all the listed packages, ‘buy now’  buttons were installed with app special offers. To market the app, Social Media Marketing was done targeting frequent travelers and other frequent visitors to Dubai.

The JachOOs success

This integrated approach with careful implementation practices helped our client to generate more traffic online. We also improved the client’s business on a higher scale than pre-COVID-19 scenario. Our previous experience in digital marketing for resorts helped in achieving this.

Digital Marketing for Resorts

The indicators are as follows.

  • Website traffic increased by at least 4 times within 5 months.
  • Increased the number of leads from the website by at least 2 times.
  • Increased bookings from the app by at least 6 times.
  • Number of followers in social media accounts also increased from 3 to 5 times in various accounts.

Our client keeps relying on JachOOs since we were able to achieve this majorly in organic methods. We also perform digital marketing for businesses from various domains. JachOOs is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai providing innovative ideas for discoverability of your business.

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