Digital Marketing For Educational Institutes: A Case Study

Educational Institute Digital Marketing Services
Educational Institute Digital Marketing Services
Educational Institute Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is one of the most popular ways for institutions that provide higher education to engage parents and students. These educational institutions adopt a methodical, well-thought-out approach that is carried out correctly. The needs of each parent and student vary, thus educational institutions must take this into account when developing their digital marketing strategy. As a result, several channels for communication and discussion may need to be established.

Once the audience has been identified, the necessary level of information may be created and shared via digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing can also be utilized to provide content that has a direct impact on parents and students. Digital marketing can also be utilized to maintain a conversation with the target audience directly through online technology.


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Although there are many educational institutions, the competition is strong. These are some of the challenges that our client experience.

  • Their website was not attracting the right kind of visitors.
  • They had trouble attracting new parents and retaining their current ones.
  • They lacked a social media and digital marketing strategy.
  • For a school our audience was parents
  • For college our audience was parents, and students

The actual audience must be the top priority for educational institutions. The targeted audience was based on the courses. Based on the courses we grouped them. For schools, parents and students are the target audience, while for colleges, parents and students are the target audience. There will be a market of mature students who will be the real target market of the educational institutions since they thoroughly research the programs and job alternatives.


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Building a good website

Having a website reveals a lot about your brand. As a reflection of your work on the Internet, it is an excellent marketing tool. A good website should have useful content, be responsive, and be aesthetically pleasing. With a great website, we can attract parents and students to an educational website page and provide a worthwhile experience.

A mobile-optimized site

Due to the increased use of smartphones by parents and students, educational institutions must have a mobile-friendly website to compete. The website must be user-friendly on mobile devices, which means all links and navigational elements must be simple to click, the site must be responsive, and the page load time must be reduced.

Social media Strategy to connect with the audience

You have a variety of alternatives, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and more. To develop a meaningful relationship with the target audience, the primary goal is to produce worthwhile content.

To reach out more effectively, an institution must now concentrate on its social media persona when developing content. For schools, parents and students are the target audience and we presented the content based on their needs.

While for colleges, parents and students are the target audience. For our clients, we developed a better strategy for social media. We promote their programs and plans on numerous social media platforms by inviting influencers or vloggers.

Using SEO to Increase search visibility

Every digital marketing strategy must include SEO. It involves the process of making the institution’s website simple to discover and simple to categorize in the context of educational institutions.

One of the most crucial things that educational institutions need to remember is that the majority of internet users only look at the first three pages of search engine results when looking for the information they need. As a result, these institutions must utilize the appropriate keywords like  ‘best school near me, ‘best educational institutes’, ‘top colleges near me, etc., and key phrases to ensure that their website consistently appears on the top three pages of search engine results.


Digital marketing services

Higher organic traffic

The website we build was optimized with proper keywords and high-quality content improved the organic search rankings. Our SEO team noticed a remarkable increase in backlinks and organic traffic.

Increase in website visits

We could observe some fantastic outcomes, such as an improved position on the search engine results page. The increase in phone calls, and website visits, demonstrate the effectiveness of our marketing strategies.

Growth in social media

Sales increased organically as a result of regular social media postings of interesting videos and photos. We assisted our clients in successfully and beautifully presenting their brand identity across all social media platforms. We noticed greater engagement on all social media platforms as a result, as well as an overall platform reach extension.

Jachoos team created a unique approach to the educational sector that helped them to thrive. Our clients still rely on us to establish their institutions and courses. Our effort to result was their success.


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