Digital Marketing in Dubai: Top Trends in 2020

Dubai is a land that has seen a lot of changes since its inception. Emerged from the midst of sea and desert like a phoenix bird, the rate at which Dubai evolves often brings great amazement to everyone who has witnessed its growth. It is the same change that is being witnessed by digital marketing over the years. Although the transition from traditional marketing to digital marketing took place over a few years, the changes that happened within digital marketing were far more rapid. Here, we will discuss the latest trends in digital marketing in 2020, and how the businesses and startups in Dubai should tune themselves to utilize these digital marketing techniques to their maximum benefit.

Artificial Intelligence: The new face of SEO

We are living in an age where online market is gaining high momentum surpassing the traditional markets. And the success of online market is highly dependent on the search ranking of the product website or e-commerce store. Only if it displays on the top page of the search results, customers will visit the site, thus bringing increased sales to the business. Otherwise, it is like a hidden shop. So, for online trade, visibility is the first priority than its quality, which highlights the importance of SEO.

As human intelligence is giving way to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the same is being reflected in the domain of digital marketing too. According to the studies conducted by JachOOs digital marketing company in 2019, more than 50% of businesses globally use AI as part of improving their customer experience and support. Also, top digital marketing agencies are competing against each other to attract maximum customers towards their clients.

Every search engine is making use of AI, which is a combination of Machine Learning and data science to provide a customized experience to the public. Search engines have evolved to the extent of comprehending the intention of the user beyond the keywords searched. Thus, it is wise for every business to spend on AI technology if they need to create their signature in the online market.

Keywords to Topic cluster

Earlier, the key focus of SEO and content marketing was the use of maximum ‘keywords’ within the content. This was a very effective strategy as it directed the search queries to the keyword specified website. But, with increased keyword competition and every business employing professional writers to create keyword specific content, keywords are slowly losing their importance. It is in this context that topic clusters and pillar content gain importance.

Creating topic clusters is a form of content marketing with SEO as the base. Instead of focusing on individual keywords, the main focus is on a larger topic that includes all the necessary keywords. Also, there will be a main article that acts as the pillar content, which will have links to many related sub articles. This will help the search engines recognize the website, while people search for a particular topic.

Evolving voice search

Findings of a recent survey done by JachOOs digital marketing company in Dubai suggest that there are over 3 billion searches performed on Google every day, out of which a third are voice searches. By the end of 2020, it is predicted to be more than 50% of the total search volume. Most of these searches are made using smartphones and smart home speakers, which could instantly convert the voice into text and deliver the best results. These studies convey vital information regarding the future scope of digital marketing. It is highly important for every website to be voice search friendly if they need to generate leads and promote sales.

As these voice searches will be a great challenge for the usual SEO techniques, marketers need to reconsider UI optimization and heading tags carefully. More priority should be given to providing rich content, focusing on content clusters, pillar pages and snippets. Also, as the length of voice searches will be longer than normal searches, long-tail keywords will be more preferable than short individual ones.

Video: The power of story telling

It is a truth globally accepted that there is nothing as powerful as a scene. The impact it creates in the mind of a viewer is much greater than any other mediums like writing, picture or audio. That is why YouTube marketing has evolved as the most powerful strategy among digital marketing services.

According to popular surveys, YouTube’s biggest audience, second to US, comes from the Middle East and comprises of millennials, who are the biggest consumers of online products. And if you are to make an impact in the minds of the viewers, it is important to make an appeal to their emotions through a touching story than make mere claims about your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Although the term may seem new to those who are not familiar with digital marketing, the concept is very simple. The best way to influence an audience is to create an alliance with those who already have an influence over them. When such a person recommends a product, it will have a strong influence over the audience that would get transformed into engagements, lead generation and sales.

Influencer marketing is highly effective over social media, especially with Facebook and Instagram which has a large number of users globally. At present, Instagram is the most influential platform that can provide a wide reach, because it has many celebrities with millions of followers and their recommendation will have a great impact on the customers.

A few of the most popular influencers in Dubai include Lojain Omran (TV show host), Samer Khouzami (master of contouring), Hamdan Bin Mohammed (Crown Prince of Dubai) and Elias El-indari, (stylish blogger). New businesses and startups can also assign the job to popular social media marketing services or social media branding services who can implement effective strategies to brand your business.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Dubai

Dubai is a land of diverse culture, demographics and regional preferences. With a local population holding strict religious views and migrants from all over the world, the consumer behavior of Dubai is a bit complex to analyze. All these factors should be kept in mind before planning your digital marketing strategy in Dubai. But, as a land that has always embraced changes from its inception, Dubai is sure to welcome any novel trends that happen in the field of digital marketing. There are top digital marketing agencies in Dubai who has already adopted the latest trends in online marketing. And, Dubai being the business hub of the world, digital marketing will have a major role to play in its economic sector in 2020 and beyond.


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