Fiverr: a Less Known Digital Marketing Agency Even in 2023

Fiverr is a freelancing software most of you already know. Some of you might be using it also. Like any other online services, fiverr is also evolving. Now fiverr has bundles for different needs. Users come to fiverr not just do a single task all the time. They might need a complete service package which includes mutually related different works. For instance, a digital marketing agency can now showcase all their services within a bundle.

Owing to the demand of working remotely in various fields, fiverr has gained popularity after the COVID-19 breakout. Not just freelancers but also companies are now using fiverr to generate business. If we focus on the services provided by the digital marketing agencies, almost all the work related to digital marketing can be done and controlled remotely.

This remote friendly nature of work and availability of bundles in fiverr in combination can do great numbers for a digital marketing agency. Nowadays, digital marketing is focused on social media. The social media marketing companies with the right strategy can use fiverr as a tool to gain business. Only thing to be considerate is that ‘you should not be expecting large scale work always.’


How fiverr helps a digital marketing agency?

Fiverr, as mentioned before, is providing digital marketing as a bundle. They just didn’t include a few digital marketing work and make it a bundle. They listed all the major digital marketing tasks and efficiently categorized  them into four main sections.

The digital marketing bundle of fiverr is made available in the following four sections.

  1. Search
  2. Social
  3. Advertising
  4. Content

This is a relief and great convenience for the clients to choose. The service providers can also make sure the specificity of the customer needs right from the beginning. Fiverr thus provides an efficient platform to connect digital marketers with the clients.



In the search category, fiverr included Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as Local SEO. SEO is the service that includes a set of activities done on-page and off-page to organically improve the traffic to a website. This is made possible by increasing the probability of your website to appear in the search page while a user makes a search with some specific or generic keywords.

SEO services include on-page optimization, off-page optimization, keyword research, technical SEO, competitor analysis, and voice search SEO. They also offer a comprehensive 360-degree package for SEO services.

Local SEO is also similar, but, instead of the site, digital marketers will focus on GMB profile. They optimize it to increase the probability of the business profile appearing in the local search results. These keywords for which the GMB profile optimized for will be more location specific.

Local SEO, however, is not limited to the GMB profile. Citations in local directories are also provided as a sub-service of local SEO.



In the social category, you can find Social Media Marketing (SMM), Influencer Marketing, and Community Management. SMM is a broad area that includes many small steps, all of which are important enough to contribute to the final result.

Fiverr’s SM package includes social media management, organic social promotion, profile setup and integration, social content, consultation and audience research, and shoppable content. There is also an Analytics and Tracking section for getting better insights about the activities already taking place.

Influencer marketing is not a new way of marketing as many of you might perceive. Brand ambassadors based marketing from the last few decades is similar to influencer marketing. At least the way of using celebrities/influencers to gain business. In fiverr, this category includes, Research and Strategy, Shoutouts and Promotions and long-term partnerships.

Community management is a rather wider category. It includes, Management and Engagement, Growth, Partnership and Monetization, Event marketing, Planning, Strategy and Setup, Sourcing & Recruiting and Social listening as services.



In the digital marketing era, advertisements are not just commercials. Google ads management is the top service people are expecting from an advertiser these days.  Fiverr advertising includes Social Media Advertising (SMA), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Display Ads. Fiverr brilliantly included all the major possibilities of modern advertising in one category by including these.

SMA includes, Ad setup and Management as well as Strategy and Planning. You can find Analytics and Tracking as a sub-service for better insights.

Whereas SEM includes more options as services. It includes, SEM, Setup and Strategy consultation and Shopping’s Ads as services in this sub category. You can also avail Ad review and Optimization services for data driven decision making.

Display advertising also has options similar to that of SEM. However, technically the terms and details have some differences. The services within this category are, Campaign setup and Management, Native advertising, Retargeting and Audio advertising. In this category as well, Analytics and Tracking service is included. Please be aware that each of the Analytics and Tracking services are different in different categories.



Content category is the key among all these. Without good engaging content, any high level marketing and optimization can go wrong. The Fiverr team has brilliantly classified the content services into six categories. They are, Public relations, Guest posting, Video marketing, Email marketing, Text message marketing and Affiliate marketing.


Public relations category includes, Strategy and Planning, Consultation, Press release pitching, Events, Conferences and Awards. Whereas the Guest posting category doesn’t contain any sub-category.


In Video marketing, Video promotion and distribution, Video SEO, Youtube channel management and Consultation and Audience research are added as services. In Email marketing category, they are Email automation, Email platform support, Campaign management, Audience development and Cold emails. Text message marketing is without any sub category while Affiliate marketing comes with four options, which are, Link promotion, Marketing funnels, Affiliate recruitment and Program strategy and Setup.


JachOOs spreading their presence in fiverr

With fiverr being such a powerful tool for gaining digital marketing business, JachOOs the leading SEO agency in Kochi, is all set with their team of experts. Their digital marketing expertise is available at fiverr along with their services in IT. This includes domain registration, hosting services, website services, app services and designing services.

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