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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts?

We all have multiple social media accounts in this age of digital revolution. Almost all our personal and professional interactions are through different social media. It plays an important role in our day-to-day life as we rely largely on social media for almost everything from shopping to news updates. There are multiple social media emerging according to the growing demands and needs of people across the globe.

Business sector has the most advantage of social media as they use it as a platform for promoting and marketing their products. Social media have surpassed the geographical limitations of effective business communications. Entrepreneurs may have to use multiple social media as each network has a different purpose. It is somehow a strenuous task to manage multiple social media accounts every day. You have to search for ideas to help you get the most out of your social media marketing operations, whether you’re a small business owner or a social media manager at a huge firm.

Jumping between numerous tools and accounts can be exhausting for social media managers and consumers. It’s not uncommon for social media marketers to oversee many accounts for various departments or platforms. Some accounts may be used only for sales, while others may be used exclusively for customer service. Managing many accounts on different social networks, despite the time and energy it can take, can be beneficial to business success. It all comes down to how you combine your efforts and make the most of the platforms.

Effective Steps to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Document Your Social Media Strategy

It might be challenging to keep everyone on brand when you have a staff managing many accounts. You may give consumers something to follow at all times by designing a social media plan that includes policies, procedures, and a style guide. Even if each account has its own set of objectives, a defined plan may help everyone keep on track and stay true to your brand’s voice.

Use Social Media Management Software

Copying and pasting the same text to many accounts on different social networking networks might take a long time. What is the solution? Invest in social media management tools like Buffer, which allows you to manage both publishing and engagement from one location. With the click of a button, you may post material to several accounts on multiple networks at the same time.

Create an Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars are helpful for providing direction and ensuring that your social media campaign is on track. This can be accomplished by using social media management software or simply sharing a basic document with your social media staff. It gathers all of the information in one location and serves as a resource for Social Media Managers. It can also assist you in identifying any gaps or openings in your social media posting plan.

Monitor Social Media Activity and Engage

It’s critical to keep track of remarks and keywords, particularly if you’re creating a support account. You want to know if a consumer requires assistance or if you can capitalize on a hot topic in your industry. You don’t want to cross paths with any of your coworkers, especially. Monitoring could be made easier with social media management software that also allows your staff to collaborate. If a company responds to a year-old post or receives two replies to an enquiry, it’s a negative sign.

Analyze Your Social Media Strategy

It is important to assess the outcomes of your social media strategy and compare them to essential social media metrics. Is it true that some accounts are performing better than others? What can you do to assist those who are falling behind? Is there a method for each account to contribute to your brand? Without consulting the platform analytics, you won’t know the answers. Implement your strategy using data-driven marketing to analyze the results in order to determine what works and fine-tune your social media approach to achieve the best results.


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