How to revamp your website before the Google algorithm update in May 2021?

The updates on Google algorithm for website ranking has been always a matter of concern for businesses, web developers and digital marketing agencies all over the world. Although these updates are good for internet users to fine tune their search, this is stressful for businesses as they will have to improve the quality of their website to reach top ranking in search page.

As per latest reports from Google, the updated algorithm will come to effect from May 2021. This means, websites will have to make necessary changes in their content, design and user interface to maintain top position in SEO.

How the update will affect websites?

The updated algorithm will be based on a new factor called ‘Page Experience’. This will include a combination of many factors like loading speed, visual appeal, navigability, content quality, mobile compatibility, safe browsing and much more. In short, it analyzes the overall experience the users go through while browsing each web page.

Why you should consider this algorithm update seriously?

The fact that you are on the top ranking for specific keywords doesn’t mean that you will remain in the same position always. If you don’t upgrade your website as per the latest trends, then you will get automatically sidelined by other better websites. As there is a high competition among business websites, web developers and digital marketing agencies will have to reconsider their SEO strategies if they want to take a website to the top position in the search engine results page (SERP).

What steps you need to take?

These are a few positive steps you can take before the expected update to ensure good ranking for your website.

Improve loading speed

The website loading time is inversely proportional to SEO ranking. The more time your website takes to load, the less it will rank in the search engine results page. The ideal time for a website to load as per Google is three seconds. For each extra second the website takes, it loses a very high percentage of potential customers. So, optimize your website loading speed by avoiding unwanted elements from the page.

Enhance visual appeal

The design and layout of a website is a major factor that attracts the user and keeps him hooked to the website. This means, a website should be visually appealing and must have a layout that helps users to easily navigate across various sections. This will definitely enhance user’s page experience.

Mobile compatibility

Today, more than 50% of the searches happen from mobile phones and if your website is not yet compatible to mobiles, then you will lose more than half of your customers. Make your website simple and responsive to mobiles by reducing code, redirects and leveraging browser caching.

Prefer content quality

Give more importance to content quality than merely stuffing your content with keywords for SEO ranking. Google is continuously improving its algorithm to identify websites featuring good quality and relevant content that would engage the users. Even now, search engines have started ranking a website based on ‘content cluster’ than just based on the number of keywords.

User engagement

Although, the major aim of a business website is to sell or market their product, its purpose should not be limited to the same. A user visits a website for his benefit and he stays there only if that purpose is served. So, try to engage your audience. Make sure that a user who enters your website doesn’t go back empty handed. It should make him feel good and motivate him to come back.

How to prepare yourself for the change?

There is no doubt that those websites that doesn’t comply with this change are going to be in deep trouble after May 2021. JachOOs is the best digital marketing company in Dubai that can help you revamp your website as per the latest trends and support you to maintain a quality website preferred by both search engines and users equally.

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