Lead Generation: The Cornerstone of Any Business

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the process of generating consumer interest in a product or service with the goal of converting that interest into a sale. In digital marketing services, this usually entails filling out a web form to capture a visitor’s contact information.

As several B2B companies’ items can cost thousands of dollars and web users are less likely to buy their product or service directly from the website, lead generation is an important component of the sales funnel for them. Collecting fresh leads allows businesses to educate and nurture prospective consumers through email marketing before contacting qualified leads directly via salespeople.

Lead generation is also essential for eCommerce and other businesses because email marketing is still one of the most effective online marketing channels, and collecting a prospective customer’s contact information allows the company to market them later, even if they do not purchase right away.

Why do you need lead generation?

The shift from stranger to the customer is considerably more natural when a stranger establishes a relationship with you by expressing a genuine interest in your business. Lead creation is the second stage of the inbound marketing process. It happens after you have drawn in a crowd and are ready to turn them into sales leads for your sales staff, namely sales-qualified leads. Generating leads is an important step in a person’s journey to becoming a satisfied client.

What are the types of leads?

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

Marketing qualified leads are those who have shown interest in your marketing efforts but are not ready for a sales call. A contact who fills out a landing page form for an offer is a perfect example of an MQL.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

Sales qualified leads are consumers who have demonstrated an interest in becoming paying customers by their actions. A SQL is a person who fills out a form to learn more about your product or service.

Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

Contacts that have used your product and performed actions that suggest an interest in becoming a paying client are known as product-qualified leads. PQLs are generally used by organizations that offer a free or limited version of their product with upgrade possibilities, which is where your sales team comes in. A consumer who utilizes your free version yet engages with or enquires about features that are only available with purchase is an example of a PQL.

Service Qualified Lead

Contacts or consumers who have indicated to your service staff that they are interested in becoming a paying customer are known as service-qualified leads. A customer who notifies their customer service agent that they’d like to upgrade their product subscription is an example of a service qualified lead; at this point, the customer service professional would up-level this consumer to the appropriate sales team or representative.

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