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National Kite Flying Day

We celebrate National Kite Flying Day on February 8th of every year. Kite flying is a popular hobby for people all around the world who enjoy spending time outside. Simple diamond kites to more intricate box kites and Giant Sled Kites are among the many types of kites available. National Kite Flying Day was established to honor the sense of liberation that everyone experiences while flying a kite through the air. Freedom and liberation are the basic instincts of every human being. That’s why people enjoy doing anything that is symbolic of these ideas. Kite flying is an excellent stress buster too.
Even though the history behind this day is unknown, everyone loves to celebrate this day by making and flying elegant kites. We usually are excited to watch the high-flying tricks. Kites can easily fulfill our passion when we have that kind of ardor. It was created in the 5th century in China. It should be classified as a heavier aircraft, with wing surfaces that lift around them like air drags. Kites are also used as a sign of Gods waking up from their sleep. For several years in Gujarat, kite flying has been a regional event. Great varieties of kites are presented when people from all around the world converge in one area. Kites were said to be utilized by the residents of the South Sea Islands to catch fish.
If you have never done kite flying, take advantage of this day to learn how to make it and fly them in the sky. Use the hashtag #KiteFlyingDay to post photos and share your celebrations on all the social media pages you have.


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