Apple working to bring AI-powered health coaching to device users

27th April 2023
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iPhone and Macbook maker Apple is working to bring AI-powered health coaching services and other personal tracking features to its device users, as per a Bloomberg report.

Citing people who knew about the updates, the outlet reported that the project’s code-name was ‘Quartz.’ The initiative would help Apple device users eat, sleep, and exercise better by leveraging Apple Watch data as well as AI technology. Apple watches are already considered one of the best in tracking users’ health. This provides an upper hand for apple.

The user-specific data would allow the AI-powered health coaching service, Quartz to come up with personalised coaching programmes and plans that users could follow for their well-being. Apple also has plans to bring Mood Tracking features and an iPad health app with the release of iOS 17.

While Big Tech giants Google and Microsoft work on large language models and aim to bring AI-powered chatbots to their search engine ecosystems, even hardware companies such as Apple are working on AI-powered offerings for their customers and users.

The iPhone and Macbook maker has also been growing in presence in India, with April seeing the inauguration of two Apple stores in the country, in Mumbai and Delhi.


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