Apple’s AR/VR tech promises revolutionary capabilities, beats competitors

15th May 2023
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Apple’s highly anticipated AR/VR headset project is reportedly set to be unveiled at the upcoming WWDC in June, as per The Wall Street Journal. Apple’s AR/VR tech is expected to have several first of its kind features.

The headset is said to be unlike typical Apple products, with an “experimental” and “unconventional” design. It is expected to come with a price tag of around $3,000 and a waist-mounted external battery pack.

The device will feature an internal screen for virtual reality and outward-facing cameras for augmented reality overlays, providing a mixed reality experience.

FaceTime, Apple Fitness+, and gaming are likely to be the primary use case of the Apple’s AR/VR tech.

According to sources cited in the report, Apple’s headset will surpass competitors in terms of performance and immersion.

It is believed to offer superior capabilities compared to Meta’s Quest Pro headset, among others.

However, due to manufacturing delays, mass production of the headset is not anticipated to begin until September.

Specific details regarding potential production issues were not provided yet.

The imminent WWDC keynote on June 5 suggests that Apple’s headset is just weeks away from being unveiled to the public, building anticipation among tech enthusiasts.


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