Google Ads introduces auto-generated advertisement tool using generative AI

1st August 2023
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NEW DELHI, July 31 – Google’s Vice President of Global Ads, Dan Taylor, announced a groundbreaking development in Google Ads for advertisers and businesses. Google Ads will now leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) to auto-generate advertisements based on prompts from marketers. During a recent visit to India, Taylor explained that the system learns from advertisers’ landing pages, successful queries, and approved headlines to create fresh and compelling creatives.

AI’s Impact on Revenue: Insights from McKinsey Study

McKinsey’s study reveals that AI has the most substantial reported revenue effects on marketing and sales. Brands like Myntra, Samsung, HDFC, and Tata AIG experienced up to an 18% increase in conversions by incorporating AI into their marketing mix.

Performance Max: Uniting AI Technologies for Optimal Results

Performance Max, a key offering, combines various AI technologies to optimize bidding, budgets, audiences, creatives, attribution, and more. In a survey covering 11 Asia-Pacific markets, 8 out of 10 consumers recognized the importance of online privacy and security.

Enhanced Privacy Features: Google’s Commitment

Days before the government introduced the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, Google introduced enhanced privacy features like Privacy Sandbox for web and Android.

Constructive Engagement with EU Commission: Addressing Concerns

Google aims to address concerns around conflicts of interest between consumers and advertisers raised by the EU Commission.

A Decade of AI Innovation: Google’s Long-Term Efforts

Google has been innovating AI tools for over a decade, focusing on supporting consumers and businesses alike. Google is excited to support Indian businesses in leveraging AI tools to deliver the right outcomes.

Cutting Costs with AI: Google Products Studio

Tools like Google Products Studio enable businesses to create custom product images without costly photoshoots. AI tools put businesses in competition with other marketers using AI, not just the AI itself. News publishers are embracing generative AI for content creation and optimization, transforming the landscape. Google’s AI-driven advertising heralds a new era for marketers and businesses, empowering them to reach target audiences and drive conversions effectively.


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