Google could reveal its ChatGPT rival this week

6th February 2023

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Being overrun by Microsoft and OpenAI is not fun for Google. It’s set to shed some lights on its current AI progresses in a YouTube livestream on February 8, The Verge reported, citing an invitation it received. Other media reports suggest that Google could reveal its ChatGPT rival. A Bloomberg report said Google has invested nearly US$400 million in Anthropic.

Google boss Sundar Pichai said in a recent investor earnings call that “very soon,” users will get the chance to “interact directly” with the tech titan’s own language models, which comes as a companion to Google Search.

“This will empower them to innovate and build their own applications and discover new possibilities with AI on top of our language, multimodal, and other AI models,” he said.

Pichai shared that the language models will be available in the coming weeks and months to help Google test and improve the tech, not just a ChatGPT rival. The company looks to start things off with LaMDA (Language Model for Dialog Applications), a conversational chatbot that a Google engineer previously claimed became sentient.

The AI race is heating up after Microsoft made a US$10 billion bet on ChatGPT maker OpenAI. The former also recently announced the future integration of ChatGPT to its cloud services.

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