Google Demands Opt-Out Option for Content Creators

11th August 2023
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Recently, Google voiced its opinions that content producers should be able to control whether or not AI systems use their work for data analysis. for that, Google demands opt-out option for content creators, urges to change copyright law. In response to an Australian government assessment of AI regulations, the corporation further suggested that allowing these AI systems to gather data from the internet while keeping an option to opt-out for publishers who want their content untouched.

Google has previously advised the Australian government that artificial intelligence should be permitted to use internet content, but this is the first time it has recommended a way for publishers to restrict it if they don’t want their data to be used by AI.

Google urges Australian policy makers to support copyright systems

In order to train AI models in Australia on a wide variety of data, the company has urged Australian policymakers to support copyright systems that enable appropriate and fair use of copyrighted content, while supporting workable opt-outs for entities that prefer their data not to be trained in using AI systems.

Google hasn’t provided any details on how it anticipates the system to operate, but it has instead provided a link to a blog post in which the company discusses working on a community-driven standard similar to robots.txt, which online publishers use to control how search engines explore their material, and want a system where content creators can say, “No, AI can’t use this.”

In the blog post, Google says, “We believe it’s time for the web and AI communities to explore additional machine-readable means for web publisher choice and control for emerging AI and research use cases”.

Google wants opinions from a wide variety of perspectives, including those from across web publishers, civil society, academia, and more fields from around the world to join the discussion, according to the post that welcomes discussion on complementary protocols.

Future of AI involvement is still an unresolved subject

As per the information, some big news organisations, like News Corp are already into the discussion related to AI companies on being paid at the time of the usage of their news stories. On this,  Dr. Kayleen Manwaring, who is a law expert, stated that copyright concerns will provide a significant obstacle for AI.

In most cases, you need someone’s permission before using their copyrighted work, but Google’s suggestion might change this, he further noted. Furthermore, a professor of computing, Toby Murray, thinks that this places more responsibility on content creators if they choose whether AI can use their work. Creators can already create usage guidelines through current systems like Creative Commons.

Recently, an Australian senator has questioned whether AI firms might be required to pay for using website material, similar to how news platforms are compensated. The government said that it was contemplating revising the present  payment system for news sites as well as looking into rules for AI and the media.

Even when Google demands opt-out option, the future of AI’s involvement with internet content is still an unresolved subject as the government considers these recommendations.

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