You can now react to Google Docs comments using emoji

2nd May 2023
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In a post to the Workspace Updates blog today, Google announced a few new features for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides that are primary quality of life. However, one feature that we’ll cover has me excited even though it’s quite simple and silly because I’ve been waiting for it for so long.

Over Grid Images

First up, Sheets for Android users can now drag and drop or copy and paste images as “over-grid” instead of just inside of cells where they were cut off visually. You can even toggle between the two image placement methods dynamically. Google Slides users are gaining the ability to easily swap out images without having to delete them first. Instead, just click on the image you’ve already inserted and choose the “Replace image” option from the menu toolbar.

Another convenience in the update is the ability to attach a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide directly to a Google Calendar event from within the file itself. This means that you no longer have to visit the calendar event separately to attach the document, saving you time and hassle.

Not a Small Step

Okay, let’s talk about the ridiculously simple but welcome change I’ve had my eye on for quite some time – emoji reactions in Google Docs comments! I know, call me childish, but instead of typing out a full comment just to acknowledge or agree with something someone wrote, I’d much rather just react with a thumbs up, party emoji, or something else that suits the occasion. Times are changing, people, don’t judge me! Of course, I’d still reply properly if it were appropriate under the circumstances.

Starting soon

All of these features are beginning to roll out for Rapid Release domains right this very moment and may take a while to be seen by all users. However, those with Scheduled Release domains can expect to see emoji reactions in Docs starting May 3rd, image insertion in Sheets for Android starting May 8th, and image replacement in Slides starting May 9th.


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