Google Meet Testing On-the-Go Mode to Let People Manage Video Calls While Walking

12th June 2023
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Google is reportedly working on a new ‘On-the-Go’ mode for the video communication service ‘Google Meet’, which will make it safer and easier for users to stay in a video call while walking. This will be an ideal feature for Google Meet users who often have to be on a video call while they are on the go, or simply working out. Also Read – Google Meet’s new feature lets admins provide custom background pics

As spotted in the latest APK file of Google Meet, the ‘On-the-Go’ mode will change the current interface of the app. There will be two ways to access the ‘On-the-Go’ mode once it is released, reports 9to5Google. Users will receive a prompt to switch to the travel-friendly mode if Google Meet detects that they are walking (using the motion sensors on the phone). Or, users could manually switch to the feature with a new option in the in-call menu. Also Read – Google Meet users can now use 360-degree video backgrounds on mobile app

When activated, the On-the-Go mode disables the camera in the call and stops video feeds from other participants. A new layout with bigger buttons for muting/unmuting the audio, switching the audio output, and raising your hand appear, alongside a disconnect call button. If during the call, you want to go back to the previous interface, tap the “Turn off On-the-Go” button on top.

The new feature is currently in development, which means it is likely available to developers or beta testers for now. There is no information if or when Google will roll out the On-the-Go mode for Meet users.

Earlier this month, the company started to roll out a new viewer mode in its video communication service, which allows users to select “Everyone is a viewer” when creating their Calendar invite.

When using Google Meet for large meetings, designating attendees as “viewers” will help reduce potential meeting distractions, like audio disruptions. Meanwhile, in April this year, the company rolled out a 1080p video call option for Meet users, in an effort to enhance the user experience.


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