Google Opens Public Access To Its ChatGPT Rival Bard

22nd March 2023
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Google has released Bard, its conversational AI service, to the public. Users in the US and UK can sign up for a waitlist. ChatGPT rival Bard, developed using LaMDA, will draw its responses from high-quality information sources. This release comes as Google seeks to catch up to OpenAI and Microsoft, who have already made their conversational AI services more widely available.

Features of Bard

Bard’s features include back-and-forth conversations similar to Microsoft’s Bing service. Google is initially limiting conversation length for safety reasons, but will increase limits over time. Bard’s responses aren’t always grounded in reality, as demonstrated when asked about celebrating a birthday party on Mars.

Guardrails for the Technology

Google’s Eli Collins, vice president of research for Bard, said the company is baking in guardrails for the technology, aimed at rejecting questions about topics that are hateful, illegal or dangerous. Bard refuses to answer questions about how to make a bomb, suggesting users learn more via legitimate channels.

Google’s Warning

Google warns that Bard may display inaccurate or offensive information that doesn’t represent their views. Even though ChatGPt rival Bard had a flaw in the announcement, from there Google is being extra careful. After the initial setback Google even faced a high stock loss.

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