Google Responds to Allegations on ChatGPT’s data usage

3rd April 2023
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There were some serious accusations against Google . And, of course, tapping into the data from ChatGPT without taking the permission of OpenAI would definitely make Bard face some extensive consequences. Well, finally, Google Responds to Allegations.

Google sent a statement to WinFuture regarding the matter. According to it, Bard did not use training data that was from ChatGPT. To be exact, the statement goes something like, “Bard is not trained on data from ShareGPT or ChatGPT.” Several other publications are also reaching out to Google regarding the matter, but not many are getting responses.

Truth be told, Google is currently walking on top of a tightrope, which is between a lack of progress and ethical concerns, that’s why Google responds to allegations raised before it’s too late. Google has even seemingly “botched” the launch of Bard by advancing the launch timeline. At least, that is what the Google employee thought when Bard was rushed to compete with ChatGPT.

Previously, Business Insider reported that Sundar Pichai asked Google employees to take up to four hours extra to iron out the few kinks in its very own ChatGPT competitor.

Nonetheless, at the moment, it is still unclear whether Google utilized the data from ChatGPT to train bard. There’s a chance that Google might have relied on it prior to Bard’s launch. Even so, it is not clear whether Bard is still operating on any of that training data. But so far, Google is denying all the accusations that are coming on its way.

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