Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update

7th June 2023
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It has actually been a couple of weeks since we last reported on a Google search ranking update, May 22/23rd, so it has been a while. But I am seeing new signs of another unconfirmed Google search algorithm ranking update today, around June 6th.

I am seeing both a spike in chatter within the SEO community and many of the tools are showing volatility today, June 6th.

As a reminder, we had reported on four previous unconfirmed Google Search ranking updates; one around May 22/23rd, then around May 17t, then on May 10th and the other around early May. There were some other signs of an update between but honestly, I did not cover it because not all the marks I track hit on those.

SEO Chatter

The ongoing WebmasterWorld thread and new comments over here started to pick up the changes. Here are some quotes from the SEO community on what they are seeing this morning:

Google Tracking Tools

Here is what the tools are showing and Mozcast, Algoroo and SERPstat might be one of the few picking it up.




Advanced Web Rankings


Cognitive SEO



So it seems things are heating up a bit this morning, and we will continue to track it over the coming days.

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