Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says moving to cloud fully to make operations 75% more efficient

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Speaking at the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai, CEO Satya Nadella talked about how to achieve more with less and how important it is to have an economic growth paradigm that does not consume energy the way we’re consuming.

He continued to say that we are still at a very nascent stage of cloud adoption and that it has been a “pretty big” game changer. It is still in the early to intermediate innings and moving to the cloud will be 75 percent more efficient.
Microsoft is committed to making cloud infrastructure available everywhere, starting with expanding the fourth region in Hyderabad.
Nadella also talked about the growth of artificial intelligence, calling it a “new reasoning engine”. It will accelerate human creativity, ingenuity and productivity. There is a need to build a very robust data infrastructure and that is where Microsoft is investing.
His keynote at the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit is part of his four-day visit to India, which is his first since February 2020. During his visit, he will be visiting New Delhi, Bengaluru and Hyderabad where Microsoft’s offices are located.
Along with key customers, startups, developers, not-for-profit organizations and students, he is also expected to meet with government officials.
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