Pink WhatsApp Scam: What is it and How to Protect Your Phone from it

27th June 2023
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Deceptive messages promising an update for Pink WhatsApp, a fake version of the messaging app with enhanced features, have been doing rounds prompting the Mumbai Police to issue an advisory against it.

The viral hoax message tempts WhatsApp users to click on the link or download the associated app which can eventually steal data from the affected phone including bank details, contact numbers, and photos. Clicking on the link can make the users vulnerable to spam attacks and also lead to a complete loss of control over the phone.

How Pink WhatsApp Works?

Explaining how the Pink WhatsApp scam works, the Mumbai Police tweeted that first a fake link which is masked as an official update is sent to the user. Clicking on the link may lead to malicious software being installed on the user’s phone. The now-infected phone can then be used to infect other phones of the user’s contacts over WhatsApp.

The malicious software can bombard the user with advertisements and can also lead to the loss of data from the phone as the fraudsters can access bank details and even OTP from the infected phone.

How Can You Avoid it?

To protect users from the scam, the police advised people against clicking on any link sent from unknown sources without verifying it. The Mumbai Police also urged people to download apps only from the Play Store or from Apple Store and to never share bank, credit card, debit card and OTP details over the phone.

For those who have already downloaded the WhatsApp Pink app, the police advised it to be uninstalled immediately.


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