Vision Pro Reportedly to Miss the Overhead Strap in the Box

26th June 2023
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At WWDC earlier this month, Apple finally unveiled its highly anticipated mixed-reality headset, dubbed Apple Vision Pro. There have been a lot of talks about this new device from the company, given that it marks Apple’s foray into new technology.

While most of the talks revolve around technology, some discuss the accessories related to the device. The device comes with a stretchable 3D knitted fabric headband that goes around the user’s head behind their ears. But there’s another strap that the company hasn’t talked about yet.

An additional overhead strap is most likely to help balance the headset and keep it from getting easily dislodged when the user is in motion. It appeared briefly during the WWDC keynote in one of the promotional materials, but the company hasn’t talked about it.

The Cupertino-based technology giant has not yet revealed the weight of the Vision Pro, but the device is expected to be quite heavy, especially since Apple decided to offload the battery to an external pack. In this case, the additional strap over the head could dramatically balance the device’s weight and offer a better experience while using it.

Since the company has not talked about this additional strap and has not mentioned it in the marketing materials, it’s likely that Apple plans to sell it as an additional accessory and not include it in the retail box of the device. To know for sure, we will have to wait for an announcement of confirmation from Apple.


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