WhatsApp starts rolling out report status feature on iOS beta

24th February 2023
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WhatsApp keeps adding new features to its platform that allows users to communicate with each other more conveniently and securely, like report status. Some of the latest additions to the app include Community, forward media with captions, Message Yourself and others.

In the recent iOS beta version of the app, WhatsApp has introduced another new feature that allows users to report status updates. According to a report by WABetalnfo, the feature was under development and WhatsApp has started rolling out the report status update through the Test Flight Beta program for iOS beta testers. The update carries the version that gives users the ability to report status updates on iOS.

If a WhatsApp user reports a status update, that status/content will be sent to WhatsApp moderation team for review to check if it violates the platform’s Terms of Service.

Presently, WhatsApp allows users to report messages and contacts in case of any violation of Terms and Service. When a user reports a contact, the last five texts are forwarded to WhatsApp. However, there’s also an option to report a specific message.

What are WhatsApp Status updates?

Status updates are short messages or photos that users can post to their WhatsApp profile for all their contacts to see. With the new reporting feature, users can now flag status updates that they believe violate WhatsApp’s community guidelines. To report a status update, users can tap and hold the status update they want to report and select the ‘Report’ option from the menu that appears.

WhatsApp will then ask users to provide a reason for the report, such as ‘it’s spam’ or ‘it’s inappropriate’. After submitting the report, WhatsApp will review the status update and take appropriate action if it violates their guidelines. This new feature is currently only available in the iOS beta version of WhatsApp, and it’s unclear when it will be rolled out to the general public. However, it’s a useful addition to the app that will help users feel more secure and comfortable when using WhatsApp.

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