WhatsApp users can now edit sent messages within a 15-minute window

23rd May 2023
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Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta, said on May 22 that WhatsApp users could now edit messages. This will be for up to 15 minutes after sending them. “You can now edit your WhatsApp messages up to 15 mins after they’re sent!,” Zuckerberg said in his Facebook post.

You Can’t Edit Secretly

“For the moments when you make a mistake, or simply change your mind, you can now edit your sent messages. From correcting a simple misspelling to adding extra context to a message, we’re excited to bring you more control over your chats.”. This is what the company said in a blog post. A sent message can be edited by a long-press on it and selecting the “Edit” option from the menu.

Edited messages will have the word “edited” next to them. Thus informing the recipients of the correction without revealing the history of the edits. Your communications and any revisions you make are encrypted end-to-end, just like all private calls, media, and texts.

Receently Whatsapp Introduced Chat Lock

The global rollout of this function has begun, and in the upcoming weeks, everyone will be able to use it, the company said. The instant messaging platform’s edit feature is being rolled out barely a week after the launch of a feature called Chat Lock, which allows users to password-protect select private conversations.

Whatsapp on a Spree Adding Features

On April 25, WhatsApp allowed users to log into the same account on up to four phones. On April 13, Meta-owned WhatsApp seeking to strengthen its messaging service with more levels of privacy and security, revealed a number of new features, including automated security codes, device verification, and extra checks when migrating accounts to another device.

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