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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is an advertising model that needs you to pay only when an online user clicks your ads. Succeeding at PPC marketing depends on several factors among which the most vital are keyword relevance, landing page quality and higher Google rating. At JachOOs digital marketing, we have expert professionals with wide experience and necessary tools to help you create a PPC campaign that fits your budget and generates leads.

Google AdWords

Make your company ads run at an affordable price.

Keyword Research

Know the keywords that provide maximum site traffic.


Avail the following benefits with PPC Marketing

Although PPC marketing may seem expensive to startups and SMEs, it has many advantages
that most of the other forms of marketing cannot offer.

PPC marketing strategy at JachOOs

Our experienced digital marketing team at JachOOs will ensure that your PPC ad gets maximum clicks

Our strategy involves creating keyword focused and quality ads that can attract the attention of search engines and customers alike, thereby bringing more leads.

Long-tail keyword strategy

We will help you in finding targeted keywords that will lead to a high click-through rate at low cost per click, thus bringing high profit. At JachOOs we employ long-tail keywords that are more specific and less common, which helps to decrease competition and expense while increasing site traffic.

Manage Your PPC campaign

It is always important to manage your PPC campaigns on a regular basis once you get started. Regular account activity is a major criterion for the success of your campaign. Our dedicated team at JachOOs will continuously analyze the performance of your Google ads and update them without fail.

Refine Landing page

It is highly important to refine your landing page by modifying its contents and call to action in order to make it align with search queries. At JachOOs, our strategy is to divert site traffic to separate pages and promote them instead of directing entire traffic to a single page.

Create quality ad content

Relevant and quality content always play a major role in all marketing areas. It is the same with PPC marketing. Your ad content should be relevant and useful for the user. Only then it will yield more clicks and bring you profit. We at JachOOs have a separate content marketing team who will make your ads standout.

Case Studies

Rank your Website Higher

JachOOs helps to make your website at the top of search engine results page.

Improve Lead Generation

Generate more leads and enjoy steady growth for your business with JachOOs SEM services.

Better Business Prospects

Avail guaranteed business prospects with JachOOs search engine marketing services in Dubai.

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