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Website Annual Maintenance Contract

The process of frequently monitoring your website for problems and errors and keeping content current and relevant is known as website maintenance.

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    Website Maintenance Contract

    This will increase the cost of completing your adjustments because new data entry or photo scanning is required.

    Website Annual Maintenance Contract

    Annual website maintenance contract are affordable to maintain your website up-to-date, appealing, and functional.


    Jachoos expert professionals promise quick and efficient results for your company.

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    Our web developer sets up agile processes and oversees projects of every size and complexity.

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    We guarantee that your web solution will operate quickly, reliably, and steadily.

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    digital marketing

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    Jachoos' only goal is to deliver high-value services that meet the requirements of its clients. We provide services of every kind for a website's health for a business.

    Services Covered in Website Annual Maintenance Contract

    Our website’s AMC offers a variety of features that can be used to maintain an updated, secure, and fully operating the website. Jachoos offers the best website maintenance services worlwide.

    Performance evaluation

    Complete analysis to ensure the performance of the website. Functionally check and fix the issues. It involves removing all the dead links to improve the SEO.

    Website updates & backup

    Our website AMC includes all kinds of software updates and backup plans. Also, bug fixes are done to improve the user experience.

    Plugin and template updates

    To make sure that your website's functionality is not jeopardised and that you don't lose out on the newest features, we install all essential software and plugin enhancement upgrades.

    Database optimisation

    We regularly back up your website to completely eliminate the possibility of data loss. To speed up page load time, images and the database will be optimised, and if necessary, advanced caching plugins will be added.

    SEO scans & Monthly reporting

    Our annual website maintenance service involves the proper SEO scans to know the reach and strength of the website. By analyzing the reports monthly reports are prepared.

    Security & malware scans

    Protecting your website against hackers is possible with our AMC. We take every precaution to provide you with around-the-clock security, using techniques like 2-way authentication, malware scans, 404 detections, strong password reinforcement, and security upgrades, among others.

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    We provide every kind of E-commerce website maintenance service including woocommerce website maintenance. Ecommerce websites need to be properly updated and maintained often for better business.

    For large and small businesses, keeping a website up-to-date and appealing is crucial to attracting and keeping clients. Companies, especially startups, frequently take shortcuts and neglect a few duties. Maintaining the efficiency of your business requires routine website monitoring.

    Annual maintenance contracts provide a wide range of services.
    Site updates, banner updates, website loading speed, Inline JS & CSS code checks, resolving & troubleshooting faults across all screen sizes & resolutions, monitoring website functions, SEO, and bug fixing are just a few of them.

    Website AMC services includes frequent operations to keep your website error-free and appealing. The contract also includes regular security and upgrading inspections. AMC is responsible for a wide range of operations to help your website more functioning and appealing.

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