The Growing Scope of Video Marketing

Incorporating video into your marketing approach is no longer optional if you’re marketing a business nowadays. Video marketing has evolved from “the next big thing” to one of the most successful strategies in recent years. In today’s fast-paced world, it is significant to find fresh, innovative ways to make your product or service stand out. We have to create our signature among the mass of marketers fighting for your prospect’s attention. Although video marketing isn’t new, it’s proven to be a significant and effective aspect of marketing strategy now more than ever. Videos are powerful story-tellers which engage, entertain and educate the public. People often choose to watch a two-minute video rather than reading the same content for 15 minutes because of their busy schedules.

One of the biggest barriers to video marketing in the past was the high cost. Without any creative talents or a huge budget, it is now possible to create a studio-quality video online in about 15 minutes. Demand on social media is another important reason that has propelled the growth of video marketing. Video generates considerably more engagement on social media sites than word and image-based posts.

The Key Benefits of Video Marketing

Creating awareness: By introducing your business to more people, you can start a long-term marketing relationship with your customers. This goal is frequently referred to as “awareness”. This is especially beneficial if you have a high per-sale or per-contract value. Awareness video campaigns can also help you expand your audience. If you’re creating an awareness video, you should set goals that are tied to brand discovery rather than sales. Total views, 3-second views, and view duration are all good indicators of performance.

Growth in conversion rates: Video should be viewed as an investment because, including video on a landing page can boost conversions by around 80%. When compared to simply reading the same material, watching an engaging presenter in a video can undoubtedly influence buying behavior and urge a visitor to convert into a lead. Video can help you sell your product by evoking the correct emotions. And also, depending on the viewpoint you’re going for, they can serve as built-in instructions or testimonials.

Integral part of marketing campaigns: We’re all bombarded with email, and getting someone to open yours is becoming increasingly difficult. Simply including the word “video” in your subject line can boost open rates and reduce unsubscribe rates. A video in an email increases the click-through rate by 200-300 percent, which is a startling amount. In most circumstances, you can’t refute that watching a video is more convenient than sitting and reading text. This is especially helpful if you’re explaining how to utilize your product or expressing something that can’t be expressed as effectively in writing.

Favorite of search engines: Content that engages viewers is the favorite of search engines. Nothing entices more page visits and stays on the page longer than a video. Furthermore, YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google. If you upload your video to YouTube as well as your website, your visibility and chances of appearing in search are substantially enhanced. Furthermore, if you advertise your video on social media, your chances of being discovered would be super high!

Increased trust and credibility: Video is an excellent method to give your company and brand an identity, allowing you to connect with your audience and earn their trust. Product videos are said to be useful in the decision-making process by 90% of users. The more you make videos to educate and inform your clients, the stronger your foundation of trust will become. And sales are based on trust.

Encourages social shares: We live in a world where viral videos are the norm. 92 percent of mobile video viewers also share their videos with others. This is your opportunity to have some fun while still demonstrating what your organization is all about.

You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to video marketing. There are numerous options available to you, ranging from generating a how-to video to using Facebook Live. Everyone should be using video, not just the major brands.

The decision is yours!

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