The Relevance of Motion Graphics in Branding

Animations, videos, and graphics are the most engaging media for capturing the audience’s attention, raising brand awareness, and effectively communicating brand messaging. For example, if you come across a creative animation or an engaging piece of graphic while browsing through your social media feed, you stop, view the material, and then visit the official page of that brand to see their works and services. As a result, the brand attracted you with innovative animation, piqued your interest, and you landed on their page, becoming aware of the brand. It’s only a fast rundown of how motion graphics can help your branding, but there’s more information underneath.

What are motion graphics?

An ordinarily static visual design can be animated with motion graphics. Motion graphics refers to the process of putting forms, text, and graphics into motion. A sort of motion graphics is when the bars in a graph move up and down to represent inflation and deflation. Motion graphics are a part of animations; however, animation is an umbrella term.

What is the difference between motions graphics and animation?

Animation adds a narrative, music, and characters to the film, whereas motion graphics animate or move simply text and forms. Motion graphics are used to express individual points or introduce products, whereas animations use storytelling techniques to tell stories. Animations are utilized to deliver brand storylines because they allow the character to build an emotional connection with the audience.

How does branding get benefitted from motion graphics?

Capture the attention of the user

Human eyes are attracted to visually appealing designs by nature. Make the most of this human feature by creating high-quality unique graphics that look great. Try creating distinctive visuals instead than using stock photographs, which are widely used and have been viewed many times on the Internet.

Animated ads drive traffic and generate leads

You could be developing fantastic material that is both informative and interesting, but until people see it, your efforts will be in naught. If people aren’t interested in your content, you must bring your creativity to them. How does one go about doing that?

One of the fastest-growing forms of marketing is digital advertising. Try using animated films or simple motion graphics videos as social media marketing. People overlook and skip over ordinary advertisements. When they come upon a movie or an interesting animation, though, they pause, look, click, and investigate. And hallelujah! You are the one who generates a lead.

Still not convinced? Even according to statistics, approximately 46% of buyers have stated that they made a purchase after watching a video from the brand on social media. As a result, films encourage users to progress deeper down the funnel.

Stand out in the crowd

Whatever business you’re in, you’ll face a slew of rivals in the marketplace. Your items may be similar, but if your marketing and branding are distinct, you will stand out. What’s the best technique to get the audience’s attention? Visuals!

When you use innovative motion graphic movies in your marketing strategy, and people become intrigued, they will recognize your brand from the throng, as stated in the example above. This provides you an advantage over your rivals.

Permanently embeds your brand identity in people’s minds

There are a few television commercials that you don’t forget, and you don’t forget the brand. A brand is associated with an emotional connection. Similarly, you will remember a brand for a long time if you are captivated by its creative visual film. It is because of its uniqueness and animations. That is the psychological effect of motion graphics on the viewers.

Better Engagement

We say that videos capture the attention of the audience, but that attention can only be held for a few minutes. People will move on to something else unless and until the video is incredibly remarkable and interesting. People nowadays prefer shorter and more concise forms of entertainment, as evidenced by the shorter video options accessible on most social media platforms. Make short but powerful videos that are viewed all the way through and end with a clear call-to-action.

The Best Motion Graphics Service

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