Time taken for indexing: Is it 2 easy days or 200 long days?

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) era of marketing is already here. Questions being asked about marketing are also not the same anymore. SEO services has become a science by which, hows, wheres and whys of keyword inclusion in the content is being studied and researched. Business owners are getting involved with agencies that are capable of using the Google systems for marketing innovatively. What comes along is the new age concerns of marketing of ranking and indexing.

Google indeed has a meticulous system of managing the content. When millions of contents are set to swim in the internet everyday, it is highly competitive to meet with the user. This super-complex task of managing the countless contents is managed by artificial intelligence. Yes! Entirely managed by artificial intelligence.

So if some asks how long it will take for Google to index their website, the answer won’t be simple. The indexing by google depends upon various things. To have a better understanding of this you must know the following.

Ranking vs Indexing

Ranking and indexing may sound similar. Yet your website and the pages being indexed doesn’t mean it is being ranked.

Indexing is the manifestation of your website being taken into consideration. In simple words, It is the process of your website getting listed. Once indexed, the website becomes discoverable with website specific searches.

Ranking, however, is not just being listed. It is the process by which the content in the website is analyzed and letting them appear in search by keywords. Higher the rank, higher the probability of discovery. Here is where SEO comes into play.  So if someone asks you, what is the purpose of SEO, tell them SEO provides the landmarks to AI bots for finding your web address.

Crawling for indexing

Crawling, as the name suggests, is google bots called crawlers moving not too fast through newly discovered URLs to analyze the content. This pace is maintained in order to prevent site from overloading. Once the URL is discovered, It is the bot that determines with the help of an algorithm, the period and findings of crawling. The websites to crawl and the pages to fetch are decided like this.

Search intent and discovery

Search intent or in other words the art of mind reading at work. Yes! Search intent is the term used to describe the user’s intention in doing a web search.

Importance of SEO services

Knowing the search intent is thus related to ranking. Website creators knowing the search intent enables them to perform SEO based on that. Also when crawling is done the content will be analyzed in detail and indexed. So when next time a search is made with the same intent as the creators anticipate, the website appears. BINGO!!

Still if you are searching for an objective answer, there is one. If a website is created, crawling can convert to indexing within a few days to several weeks. And with strategic SEO services incorporated, that can convert to ranking as well. And rest all depends on the quality of content. Because, from there, humans are involved. Hope you got my point.

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