Top Digital Marketing Strategies for COVID Times

We are passing through one of the toughest times that the world has ever seen. The whole world except a few nations is in a state of complete lockdown with no prominent work happening in social, political, cultural or economic zones.

The worst affected area is the economic zone as most of the businesses are in a complete lockdown situation. After one month of lock down many small and medium enterprises have already come to a standstill and even MNCs are struggling to survive by making salary cut and employee cut.

As the crisis following COVID-19 doesn’t show any improvement, it’s high time businesses find a permanent solution to work out their success through other means. It is here that digital marketing becomes a ray of hope for all businesses. Maintaining your online presence during this period can help you continue creating revenue, which is vital during potential economic downtimes.

Let us discuss here a few important digital marketing strategies that can help businesses survive COVID times.

Update Google My Business profile

The main thing we forget is that the online platform is never under lock down. Although people are sitting in their homes, they are always active online, perhaps more due to immense time available.

So, it’s mandatory that you update your business profiles online, especially in Google My Business. Because that is the one page customers will always search to get details on products and services they need.

If your business is temporarily closed or if you are providing services online you can update these details in your business page through Google My Business Support. Google is also encouraging businesses to update their information as part of providing most accurate information to customers.

As local SEO is gaining prominence today, it’s also important for local businesses to update their Google My Business page, especially when “nearby” or “near me” searches are very common.

Focus on Customer Service

Even if you can’t gain customers, it is very important that you don’t lose a customer during this economic crisis. That is why it is important to lay more emphasis on customer service.

Try to be more empathetic towards clients. Feel their problems and address their concerns.

Try to connect with the client through different online services like social media, email, website etc and keep them informed about your services. Let them know that you are by their side. Update blogs and prepare FAQs to make customers aware of different business possibilities.

If you can support them during their troubled times, it will be the beginning of a long term relation and trust.

Provide Frequently Asked Questions

Creating or updating FAQ page in your website will help your business and your customers a great deal during these COVID times.

Ensure that your website answers the questions users are looking for. It will divert a lot of search queries to your website thereby increasing website traffic, search engine results page (SERP) ranking and click-through-rate.

Spend your budget wisely

Budget is the main concern for businesses as well as customers during these times as the lock down following COVID-19 has totally shattered the world economy. As users are less likely to buy a product or service other than the basic necessities during this period, it would be wise for businesses to fine-tune their marketing budget.

At the same time it is not advised to completely stop your marketing altogether. Consider it as a break to prepare for the better times ahead. The following methods will help you to stay connected with customers using a minimum budget.

  • Give preference to organic SEO than paid marketing
  • Perform on-page SEO (website updations and keyword restructuring)
  • Focus on off-page SEO like backlink creation
  • Design landing Pages and pop-up windows for your website
  • Create multiple business accounts and social media pages
  • Spend less on paid advertising

For those companies who are still following traditional marketing, now is the best time to start your online strategy. Others who are already into digital marketing can also discuss their short term and long term strategies with their digital marketing agencies and prepare separate budget plans accordingly.

Start an Ads Campaign

If you are providing a service that can be delivered online, the best way to market it is by running an ads campaign on Google or Facebook. This will give you instant access to customers and as you are expecting a profit during the lock down, the budget spend on the campaign would be worth it.

Short term discount offers

Providing small price discounts would bring great result as it conveys the message that you are supporting the customers during tough times. But, let customers know that you are still open and providing service at a discount rate through promotion posters and videos in social media.

Be active on Social Media

Social media is the most effective online platform for marketing your business nowadays. It is more so during the lockdown period as people will get more active in social media.

Try to connect to as many customers during these days. Update your business profiles and keep separate pages for different services. Large scale companies can even opt for paid marketing while startups may rely on organic methods.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram has launched ‘stay home’ stickers for profile images and stories. Make use of such devices to get identified more on social media.

Be active by regular posting; let it be marketing content or informative ones on how you serve the clients online or even general ones that show your support for the customers and general public. These posters will help to brand your name in an indirect way.


It is true that we are witnessing one of the toughest times in world history, but it is equally true that man has overcome even worse situations before.

Let us hope that it would be the same with COVID-19. Till then, remain active digitally and stay connected with your customers, because these marketing efforts will surely see success in the long run.


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