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What are some top content ideas for social media marketing?

With the growing popularity of digital marketing, social media have become a great platform for businesses to find more leads. It has become inevitable for every business to maintain a company profile or company page on all major social media platforms for successful marketing. But, being a highly competitive field, it is not easy to grab the attention of audience in social media. You will need to create highly engaging content with words, images and videos to attract the cyber audience.

It is very common for marketers, content writers or designers to feel a creative block while planning new content for social media posts. Here are a few ideas that can be successfully used on a daily basis to engage your audience and gain more leads through social media.

Posting blog links

Does your business website have a blog page? The best way to get your blog seen and increase website traffic is to post it on your own social media platforms. This will be more relevant and informative for the viewers and will help you to attract right customers to your website. But, make sure the content you write for your blog is valuable and useful to the readers.

Company history & work culture

One of the best ways to connect with your audience is by sharing your company history and work culture. Everyone likes to hear stories and real-life happenings. So, create interesting posts using quirky photographs, videos and short content based on your organization’s history, how it got started, what inspired its formation, how work happens within your company etc. and share it on social media. People would definitely love to hear it from you.

News posts

This can include contemporary happenings, events, researches, innovations and anything interesting relating to your field of interest. There will be various websites that update the latest updates in these areas. You may either re-share those news links on your social media page or else rewrite an article by including your own personal opinion. News posts usually get more social reach than other type of posts.

Question Posts

User generated content is the trend of contemporary times. By making audience participate in your posts, you can increase its reach, generate high leads and build more reputation. Question posts will ensure higher audience participation. The questions can be about an innovative product or service you launched recently, or a poll on some recent trends in your industry or customers’ suggestion on some innovation that you are planning to launch in the future.

Product features

Social media posts are a good channel to introduce your company products and services to clients. This can be either through posters or videos. You can familiarize different features and benefits of your products to users by using social media. This will help your customers to understand the product, compare it with similar products and operate it with ease.

Client Reviews and Testimonials

Testimonials from clients are the best way to showcase your fan base and enhance reputation. This will serve as a proof and ‘call to action’ for new users. You can use the reviews in different forms with the consent of your client such as using them in website, posting in review sites like Google and Trustpilot or sharing in social media platforms for wider reach.

Valuable Tips and Advice

Try sharing some valuable tips and advice from industry professionals with regard to latest updates, happenings, innovations or services from your business sector. When you can provide what people want, then definitely your post will have a wider reach and regular audience who may even subscribe your page.

Memes or GIFs

Memes and GIFs are always a trend on social media. If really humorous or has a contemporary relevance, then it becomes a ‘viral’ post being passed on from one person to another through sharing. Such posts will surely enhance the number of visitors and customers to your page and website.


Social media contests always attract more visitors and boosts engagement to your posts. This will add thrill to the audience and the fact of receiving prizes will be persuasive for most people. You can ask them a question related to your field or some predictions related to recent events and offer prizes to the winning contestants. Also, remember to announce the prizes through another post, with the photos of the winners if possible.

Holiday offers/special deals

Depending on the type of your business, you may create posts announcing some special holiday offers for clients. For example, businesses like a restaurant, a resort or a theme park can provide holiday specialties like buffet meals, camp fire or a musical night etc. and promote them through social media posts. This will keep audience waiting for more such deals from you.

Company Events

As a business, you will often have to host some meetings and events based on different occasions. Never forget to share them on social media. Please mention the names of celebrities or influencers (if any) who are participating in the event as this may provide more credibility and fan base for your business.

FAQ posts

You might have received many queries from clients, most of them of a similar nature regarding your products and services. Answer such queries with the help of a social media post, so that everyone can be convinced all at once.


Infographic designs help you to share a lot of information in a single post that can be easily comprehended by the common people. These are visually appealing and makes boring statistics more interesting.

Hiring posts

These posts receive higher reach than other social media posts. There are lots of people looking for jobs and they will surely engage with the post by applying for the job or sharing the same. This will also increase traffic to your website.

Don’t hesitate to let the public know that your team is expanding. Introduce your new team members through similar posts and this will add more credibility and reputation for your business.

Special day posts

Create posters or videos on special days like national days, festivals or days that are related to your business. For example, Women’s day will be more relevant to a retail shop selling female costumes and accessories.

Promote Email registration

It would be beneficial to your business if you can conduct some webinars or workshops for the public occasionally. This will help you to get in close touch with the public. In such cases, you can also promote the same using social media posts that includes email registration from participants. This will also help you to make an email database of potential customers for the future.

Inspirational Quotes

Share major quotes from great personalities and industry leaders that can motivate others to accomplish great things in life. Sometimes, a quote you share may be a turning point in someone’s life. People always likes to get inspired and you can even select a day for motivational quotes – for example, ‘Monday motivation’.

Company Accomplishments

Share your business achievements on social media such as winning some awards or recognition from important institutions. This will help to brand your business in long term apart from increasing post engagements.

How-to Videos

Post short explanatory videos, animated or otherwise, about subjects related to your business and how to do or perform something. For example, a hosting business can share videos on YouTube relating to different types of hosting, how to host a website or email on servers, how to create a website easily. How to install various plugins etc.

Offer posts

Customers always love to get something extra or free when they make a purchase. Create some offer posts occasionally and share it on your profile. This is an excellent social media marketing technique that will boost your business considerably.

Engage your audience

The best solution to get more engagements in social media is to engage your audience. Only if you are able to grab their interest in the first look, they will click on your ad. The proverb “first impression is the best impression” is very much true for social media posts. You don’t have much time to attract their attention. The above-mentioned tips will certainly help you to create more useful and interesting posts for your audience. But the full success, engagements and leads that you create through social media marketing depends on the creativity of your marketing team.


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