Apple Looking for Generative AI Talent Globally

7th August 2023
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Artificial intelligence technologies are spreading rapidly. For now, OpenAI leads the race with ChatGPT, while almost all tech companies are working to get a piece of the pie. However, Apple seemed to be moving slowly and not making visible strides in AI. But recent information shows that this might not be entirely true. It turns out that Apple is looking for generative AI talent.

Apple looking for generative AI talent globally

It’s certainly impossible to know a company’s future plans, but if you pay attention to the clues, you can get an idea. In the case of Apple, these clues come from job advertisements. The tech giant recently posted many new job ads in the field of generative AI, an area where it seemed to have no plans before. Moreover, these job postings were not only published in the United States, but also in Europe and Asia.

One such posting highlighted, “We are seeking a candidate with a proven track record in applied ML research. Responsibilities in the role will include training large scale language and multimodal models on distributed backends, deployment of compact neural architectures such as transformers efficiently on device, and learning policies that can be personalized to the user in a privacy-preserving manner.”

Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about the company’s plans regarding artificial intelligence. However, some claims suggest that Apple will use this technology to make Siri smarter and more functional. Yes, there are many AI chatbots already on the market. But none of them have voice assistant features. If the company can prepare this technology before its competitors, it could take its already superior voice assistant experience to an entirely new level.


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