5 cybersecurity companies to look out for at GITEX 2023

The importance of cybersecurity in the digital landscape cannot be overstated. With cyber threats growing in complexity and frequency, it’s imperative to keep a keen eye on the forefront of the cybersecurity industry. While the established players often dominate discussions, here is a list of unconventional and emerging companies that are poised to make waves at GITEX Global 2023.

These five innovators are bringing fresh perspectives, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in cybersecurity. As GITEX Global 2023 unfolds, be sure to keep a close watch on these unconventional cybersecurity companies; they just might be the catalysts for reshaping the future of digital security.

Anxinsec Technology

Anxinsec Technology is a cybersecurity solution and service provider with its global headquarters situated in Abu Dhabi. The theme of Anxinsec’s participation at GITEX this year is “Technology determines how fast we go, security determines how far we reach”. The company is committed to protecting the security of Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs) and assisting in coping with unknown and APT attacks.

Going along with GITEX’s theme this year, ‘The Year to Imagine AI in Everything’, Anxinsec will provide risk assessment for AI systems, and applications, to help clients achieve a stable development in the AI era.

BotGuard-cybersecurity companies

BotGuard is a global cyber technology platform that ensures web security with a technology that gives webmasters and site owners a simple and reliable tool to decide who they want to let in. The company offers a range of key features that provide effective solutions for combating bot-related issues and other modern web threats. They use algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify and differentiate between human traffic and malicious bots, in a user-friendly advanced control solution.

With Instant Website Protection, a website can easily be protected just by installing a web server extension module, a CMS plugin or a hosting panel plugin. This easy-to-integrate protection solution gives a full defence against hackers and bots while improving SEO and offering precise web analytics that is not influenced by ad fraud or other factors. Bots make up over one-third of web traffic today, and every site needs reliable protection.

BotGuard GateKeeper allows full protection of all web infrastructures by filtering web traffic at its landing point. It is a reverse proxy built around BotGuard’s bot and hacker detection technology that hides the infrastructure and protects it from any L7 threats and DDoS attacks. Besides the protection, this solution also allows hosting and managed services providers to optimise resources, save on costs and generate new revenue streams as it is a channel-ready solution.


Delinea will be participating at GITEX Global 2023 under the theme ‘Empowering Businesses for Secure Digital Future’. Aligning with its mission of enabling organisations to meet an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape and stringent requirements from cyber insurance providers, the company will use its GITEX participation to showcase its complete product portfolio and recent innovations.

Among others, Delinea will present the recently announced enhancements to Secret Server which introduced a new layer of security for highly sensitive accounts with MFA on credentials. Separate from the one at login, this second MFA is flexible in its enforcement and organisations can continue to use their existing authenticator solutions such as the Delinea Mobile App, Yubikey, and other devices using FIDO2 protocols. It will also present the newly updated policy editor to its DevOps Secret Vault which improves the ability for administrators to set more granular access controls for secrets used in code, reducing the time and complexity of setting up secrets management across multiple DevOps teams and ensuring secrets only have the permissions needed for their intended use.

Illumio-cybersecurity companies

Illusion’s theme at GITEX 2023 is breach containment, specifically how organisations can move from preventing to surviving attacks to boost cyber resilience. At the stand, the company will be showing how organisations can stop breaches from spreading across hybrid environments with Zero Trust Segmentation. This includes demonstrations of several use cases including ransomware containment, IT/OT convergence, workload and endpoint segmentation, and cloud security.

Another big focus would be on simplifying Microsoft Azure Firewall policy management through Illumio for Microsoft Azure Firewall solution. It’s a new product that empowers businesses to use the Azure Firewall as a Zero Trust enforcement point and helps security teams visualise and secure traffic between Azure resources.


At GITEX Global 2023, OPSWAT will show attendees how critical infrastructure can be secured through the company’s end-to-end IT/OT security solutions. Exhibiting under the theme, “Modernising Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)”, OPSWAT will highlight the challenges in defending Middle East countries’ evolving critical infrastructures and showcase the company’s proactive measures that can bring new confidence to the region’s OT security teams. OPSWAT’s GITEX exhibit will house a comprehensive CIP lab that will show IT and OT solutions, and how they work together to secure critical environments.

Unlike other providers in the market, OPSWAT provides a single platform — built from the ground up — to protect against file-borne threats from USB, web traffic, storage, email, and API, and delivers the zero-trust architecture needed for the protection of critical infrastructure. Furthermore, the company’s solutions can be deployed in a wider array of setups than any other industry player — in the cloud, on-premises, or even in air-gapped networks.

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