Apple CEO Tim Cook pushes for mixed reality launch despite warnings: Report

13th March 2023
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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, and Chief Operation Officer Jeff Williams are reportedly pushing for the launch of the long-rumored mixed reality headset this year.

Speaking with the Financial Times, anonymous sources from within Apple told the publication that both Cook and Williams wanted to release the headset this year, despite warnings from the engineering team that it wasn’t ready for launch.

The source said that the team had, “huge pressure to ship,” because, “They have been postponing the launch each year for the past [few] years.”

There is supposedly also a rift between Apple’s operations team and the design team. The operations team wants to launch a version of the product which would be a, “ski-goggle” like headset which would allow users to watch 3D video, partake in interactive workouts and chat using FaceTime.

The design team reportedly wanted to wait till there was a more feasible lightweight version of the product.

The mixed reality headset has been reportedly in development for seven years at Apple, which puts more pressure on the design team to push back against deadlines.

Apple is also preparing a “marketing blitz” for the product, due later this year. You have already seen apples presence in news lately a number of times.
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