Apple Vision Pro has a new fan and it is none other than Sundar Pichai

14th June 2023
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While launching the Apple Vision Pro during the recently-held WWDC 2023, CEO Tim Cook called it a ‘new type of computer’ and unveiled the promising headset in front of the world. Controlled by the hands and the eyes, the Vision Pro surely left many startled. Apple also opened doors for a few tech journalists, to experience the Vision Pro and their experiences have largely been positive. The VR and AR technology is still quite unexplored and with the Vision Pro, Apple gave us a glimpse of how the future could look like. And even Google CEO Sundar Pichai is excited about it.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai talks about Apple Vision Pro

According to Times of India report originally attributed to Bloomberg, Sundar Pichai, in an interview, expressed his excitement over the Vision Pro. The Google CEO reportedly said that he is excited about the potential of technology that is seen in the Vision Pro to create more immersive computing experiences. Even though Pichai has not tried the headset yet, he said that ‘Google has always felt computing will evolve beyond the black rectangles’. By black rectangles, he is probably referring to today’s smartphones.

“I literally haven’t used or seen it, but we’ve always felt computing will evolve beyond the black rectangles. We will have more immersive experiences. I’m excited about the potential for the technology,” he said.

The Vision Pro costs USD 3,500 right now. The price tag has attracted a lot of people’s attention and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg even said that Meta’s upcoming Quest 3 headset, costing USD 499, will be much cheaper than the Vision Pro.

However, Apple is also reportedly working on a cheaper version of the Vision Pro. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his newsletter, wrote, “The name Vision Pro even implies there’s a non-Pro version in the works, which one has to assume will be called the Apple Vision or Apple Vision One.”

Pichai on further cuts at Google

Circling back to Pichai’s interview, it is no secret that Google is presently on a cost-cutting spree. The company also laid off 12,000 employees in January.

During the interview, Pichai talked about efficiency and when he was asked about further cuts at Google, he said that the company will continue to try and make itself ‘more efficient’.

A lot of Google employees took to LinkedIn and had shared their layoff story. From being laid off on maternity leaves to getting the layoff mail early in the morning, ex-Google employees had all sorts of stories to share.


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