Bing Chat On Desktop Now Supports Voice Inputs

13th June 2023
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In an exciting development, Microsoft has introduced a new feature to Bing Chat on desktop interface, enabling voice inputs. Users can now simply click on the microphone icon located in the search box and verbally pose their queries. This functionality was initially implemented on the Bing mobile app in late February but has now been extended to the desktop version.

Multi-Language Support

Bing Chat on desktop stands out due to its capability to comprehend voice commands and provide audible responses through text-to-speech technology. Microsoft, the company responsible for Bing, has ensured support for multiple languages, such as English, Japanese, French, German, and Mandarin. Furthermore, Microsoft has announced upcoming plans to include additional languages, further enhancing the platform’s accessibility for a global user base.

Focused on UI and Convenience

The integration of voice inputs in Bing Chat’s desktop interface enhances user experience and convenience, enabling users to interact with the search engine using natural language. This feature eliminates the need for typing and enables faster information retrieval. Bing Chat on desktop now offers a seamless and efficient voice-based interaction option for searching the latest news, obtaining answers to specific questions, and exploring various topics.

Microsoft actively innovates and expands Bing Chat’s capabilities, showcasing their commitment to technological advancements. By integrating voice inputs and text-to-speech capabilities, Bing Chat provides users with an intuitive and versatile search experience, positioning itself at the forefront of search engine technology.


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