Google is ready to fill free streaming TV channels with ads

Google is launching a new advertising network that serves targeted ads to Google TV-powered streaming boxes and smart TVs. The ads service, known as the Google TV network, lets advertisers place unskippable in-stream ad spots across more than 125 live channels — many that are FAST, or free ad-supported streaming TV channels that Google’s been hell-bent on getting users to notice.

Google says there are 20 million monthly active Google TV and Android TV OS devices, a significant figure for advertisers to consider. The reach can go even further when including YouTube, which reaches over 150 million monthly active viewers in the living room. Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360 users can expand their campaigns to include the Google TV network by checking a new box under YouTube & Google. Google Ads can spread across networks on Google TV, and include Google-owned ad inventory in third-party apps.

According to Google, viewers of Google TV’s free channels watch on average 75 minutes per day. FAST channels are growing fast since it’s the closest thing to paid cable service without the bill, and while the content is mostly reruns, sometimes people just want that old-school background noise — a perfect place for ads.

Matty Benedetto is the creator behind Unnecessary Inventions who has amassed millions of followers across just about every social media network. These inventions are what Matty describes as unique solves to first world problems, and they range from a pair of glasses with built-in sponges that soak up tears to a funnel that catches falling ingredients from a burrito and neatly sorts it into a taco below. It’s these unique solves that have kept folks returning again and again to Matty’s video content for that last five years. In this first episode of my new video series, Full Frame: Creators, that profiles internet creators I spend a whole day with Matty to figure out how he makes his inventions and how he makes a living from posting about them.

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