Google Leaks Amazing Technology in Google Photos Android App

28th March 2023
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Google Photos Android app gets a new version. The latest version of the Google Photos app has a lot of hidden features to offer. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until Google releases its next flagship – Pixel 8. The latest version will have a new feature called Video Unblur. This feature is not available on any of the current Pixel lineups.

The 9TO5Google research team managed to find the secret feature. They have forcibly enabled the feature by tweaking the application code. Through this, the team was able to open the video file and see the adjustment slider. As a result, the team was presumably able to control the amount of unblur effect.

The Presumable Unblur Feature

The unblur feature is suspected because it currently has no effect on the loaded video. Google knows how to play with code to get this new control on board with the next flagship Pixel lineup. Looking at the release history, the latest Video Unblur feature is unlikely to be released with Google Pixel 8.

This feature is quite similar to the Photo Unblur feature that was released with the Google Pixel 7 lineup. The former Google flagship devices came with a Tensor G2 chipset that supports the Photo Unblur feature. As of now, there are hardly any complaints about this feature, as it automatically removes unwanted motion blur.

Although it is a great feature, sometimes it reduces the quality of the photo. The feature sometimes smears and gives less detailed results. Google is currently marketing this feature as the #FixedOnPixel hashtag along with the Magic Eraser tool. The combo helps people remove irrelevant objects from the videos.

It will be very convincing if Google releases the video version of the Photo Unblur feature. Especially the video unblur feature is very sophisticated than the photo version. I am very curious to learn more about this feature. The latest Google Photos Android app has a lot of secret features to offer.

Video Overlay Effect

Google also plans to offer a variety of video overlay effects that users can apply to videos. Users can access these effects in the Overlays tab while editing the video. The overlay feature is not active, but 9to5Google’s research team managed to enable it.

The new Google Photos Android app could offer 14 different video effects. Google has named these effects according to their functionality; for example, Chromatic will add a chromatic aberration effect. Here is the list of complete video overlay effects that might come with the new Google Photos:

After School
Rainbow Rays
RGB Pulse
Super 8


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