Google Bard gets programming capabilities

24th April 2023
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Google updated Bard AI, its generative AI model, with programming and software development capabilities. With the update, Google’s AI chatbot can generate software code, debug, and explain a code.

A Big Boost

After Google updated Bard AI, the chatbot will support more than 20 programming languages, including C++, Java and Python, Google said in a blog post. Additionally, Bard will also be able to explain snippets of code, which Google says will be useful for users looking to learn to program.

Earlier, last month, Google started the public release of Bard. This was in response to Microsoft-backed OpenAI released its AI chatbot ChatGPT. This in turn spurred on a race in AI development. Things got interesting after that.

A Novel Experiment

Google has developed an experimental chatbot named Bard, which allows for collaboration with generative AI to identify content based on user data. Bard is accessible to a small group of users who can ask it questions instead of using traditional Google search. The chatbot employs machine learning algorithms to generate a response to the user’s query, which is informed by the user’s search history and other relevant data. Google aims to offer a more personalized and conversational search experience with Bard. While still in the experimental stage, Bard showcases the potential for AI-powered chatbots to transform how people interact with search engines.

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