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How will 2023 evolve from the business context? Will this be a continuation of 2022 or will firms reach tout to their customers in new and imaginative ways? Over the last three years, companies have figured out how to successfully digitize their business. Now comes the importance of strategy.

To assess 2023 predictions relating to one area of corporate activity – the future of customer-centric business models, Digital Journal caught up with from Stanley Huang, the co-founder and CTO of Moxo.

Getting ahead as business for 2023 requires a unified customer interface.

Huang has observed how digital business models have evolved over the years since Moxo was founded in 2012. In particular, the past two years have seen rapid digital transformation following the pandemic (and partly a result of the fall-out from the pandemic).

This time period has seen businesses changed the way they operate. The report finds that virtual business is here to stay; however, companies are fine tuning their processes to ensure they are delivering top-notch CX in 2023.

In terms of what is likely to happen, Huang predicts: “In the past several years, businesses rushed to adopt multiple channels to better communicate with their customers as they adjusted to business service in an online setting in the face of a rapid shift to a virtual environment.”

In term of the general dynamic, Huang says: “As we move further away from that initial shift, it’s clear that virtual business will remain. In fact, digital-first businesses have since become the new foundation for success.”

Such changes are not without their problems. For this reason, Huang  states: “In 2023, I foresee more businesses’ focus turning to resolving the problems that have resulted from this shift, notably the frictions taking place in the customer experience.”

Those companies that have been planning will be in a more advantageous position. With this regard, Huang opines: “Many companies have spent the past few years fine tuning their internal processes.”

With the specifics, Huang assesses: “This year, I anticipate organizations will spend more effort and budget on connecting internal backend business processes with external customer-facing processes, in order to reduce the chaos of managing interactions across many different channels for both customers and businesses alike.”

Huang’s final advice is: “A unified customer interface can help eliminate this common pain point, especially in high-touch industries.”

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