Sundar Pichai Announces Plans To Enhance Google Search With AI Capabilities

10th April 2023
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Google Search is about to get the artificial intelligence treatment. According to CEO Sundar Pichai, the tech giant is planning to incorporate a conversational AI chatbot to its search engine, which is most likely to be its AI bot called “Bard.”

Sundar Pichai’s Words

In an interview, Pichai said that the AI chatbot opportunity space is “bigger than before,” The Wall Street Journal reported. Pichai also said that AI improvements would improve Google’s ability to respond to a variety of search queries.

Why Pichai wants AI in Google Search?

“Google is moving fast moving fast,” he said while referring to Google’s recent developments within AI. “We have been incorporating features into our products, but the capabilities have gotten a lot more powerful and amazing, so I think there’s a lot more we can do. We are also working through a moment to do this well at scale and to make sure you can do it efficiently from a compute standpoint. There are trade-offs involved,” Pichai said.

Besides its conversational chatbot Bard, Google has announced AI features within Gmail and Google Docs that have begun to roll out to users. According to Pichai, Bard has allowed Google to handle more creative and collaborative work than before.

Language Learning Models

“I think we have been using LLMs to improve search quality and the search experience, but I think we will bring natively the modern LLM capabilities in search. We are working to make sure it works well for users—they have a high bar, and we want to meet that bar,” he said.

As Pichai said, Google users would be able to ask questions to Google via a conversational AI “in the context of search.” It’s about time, given how quickly ChatGPT has taken over the market, even with its limitations – including the inability to assess events that took place after 2021.

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