ChatGPT Disables ‘Browse With Bing’ Amid Legal Challenges

5th July 2023
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OpenAI, the renowned AI company recognized for its chatbot ChatGPT, recently announced a temporary suspension of the ‘Browse with Bing’ feature due to concerns about content. This feature, previously accessible to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, enabled the chatbot to search Bing for up-to-date information, thus expanding its knowledge.

According to OpenAI’s official announcement, they have identified instances where the ‘ChatGPT Browse with Bing’ beta could unintentionally present content that deviates from their intended purpose. One example is when the feature inadvertently fulfills a request for the complete text of a URL. This decision follows a series of recent legal actions filed against OpenAI, which challenge copyright and privacy regulations.

Copyright & Privacy Disputes

OpenAI finds itself entangled in several legal disputes. One recent complaint asserts that OpenAI utilized copyrighted books as training data for AI systems without seeking permission or compensating the authors.

Referred to as Tremblay v. OpenAI Inc., this allegation suggests that ChatGPT possesses the ability to summarize the authors’ works, implying that it has absorbed the content from the copyrighted books. Another lawsuit, titled PM v. OpenAI LP, accuses OpenAI of engaging in data theft by gathering information from millions of users without obtaining proper consent. The claim alleges that OpenAI covertly collaborated with platforms such as Snapchat, Spotify, Stripe, Slack, and Microsoft Teams to collect user data.

Legal Outcomes Could Steer AI’s Future

These legal cases possess the potential to reshape the landscape of AI by setting crucial legal precedents concerning privacy and copyright. If the court rules in favor of the plaintiffs, OpenAI may be subject to financial penalties. Furthermore, regulatory bodies could intensify their scrutiny of OpenAI, resulting in more stringent regulations.

On one side of the debate, a ruling against OpenAI has the potential to impede AI innovation. Imposing substantial fines for every instance in which an AI system falters could discourage ongoing advancements. Conversely, proponents argue that regulation and accountability are indispensable to ensure the safe and ethical development of AI for its intended purposes.

In Summary

The ChatGPT Plus ‘Browse With Bing’ feature is turned off “out of an abundance of caution.” OpenAI says it’s fixing the feature “in order to do right by content owners,” and will bring it back as soon as possible.

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