ChatGPT official app for Android will be available this week

24th July 2023
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OpenAI is launching the official ChatGPT Android app this week, making the highly popular AI chatbot even more accessible. ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, gained millions of users since its November 2022 release. Until now, it was only available through web browsers or unofficial Android apps. OpenAI announced the Android app’s rollout on Twitter and users can pre-register on Google Play for automatic installation.

ChatGPT amazed users worldwide with its ability to answer questions, generate essays, hold thoughtful discussions, and automate tasks. Regarded as one of the most advanced public AI systems, it showcased the rapid progress of generative AI.

iPhone users had an official iOS ChatGPT app, while Android users relied on third-party apps for access.

The Android app will offer the same core ChatGPT experience as the web and iOS versions. Users can type or speak prompts to have text conversations with the AI assistant, receiving detailed responses on almost any topic within seconds. The app may also add specialized skills for mobile use cases.

Expect improved reliability and accuracy compared to unofficial versions, as OpenAI directly controls the release, ensuring seamless integration between the AI backend and mobile frontend.

ChatGPT sparked a generative AI revolution, but a recent study comparing ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 found a decline in quality over a few months. For instance, GPT-4’s math accuracy dropped from 97.6% to 2.4%, and usable computer code generation decreased from 52% to 10%.

It remains fascinating to witness AI’s rapid development across all aspects of life, and how OpenAI handles these challenges.

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