The New Search Bar of Google Photos Can Handle Complex Queries

3rd May 2023
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Over the years, Google Photos has become one of the most popular cloud storage options for photos and videos, especially for Android users. While the mobile app is used by millions of people around the world, the Google Photos website also has a number of smart features that make it a breeze to use on any platform. One of the most notable is its search tool which comes with a ton of AI-powered smarts that allow users to find images by simply searching for their content rather than just their name. Now, with the new search bar of Google Photos things are going to take a

The New Search Bar of Google Photos

The existing search functionality in Google Photos already worked great. With the new search bar of Google Photos, it is now getting even better with support for more advanced queries. As spotted by 9to5Google, the Google Photos website is showing a new popup urging users to “Try a more powerful search.” The popup bubble also comes with a ‘Learn more’ link where Google explains how you can use more complex search terms, such as ‘colorful sunset,’ for example.

Long Search Terms

The longer search terms will allow users to specify exactly what they are looking for in their collection without having to sift through a ton of generic search results. If a particular query does not return any result from the user’s photo collection, Google Photos will show results from the web as part of a new “Most relevant to your search” section, which will be sorted by relevance rather than by date.

Location Based Queries as Well

The new feature will also allow users to search for people at a particular location, like ‘Mark at the Statue of Liberty,’ for example. In a statement to 9to5Google, a Google spokesperson said that the company is “always experimenting with new ways to help people find and relive their photos and videos. This experiment allows people to search for more complex queries to help them find the photos and videos they’re looking for more easily.” The feature has just started rolling out to a handful of users, with no word yet on when it will be available to everybody.

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