Digital Marketing for Restaurants: A Case Study

Restaurants Digital Marketing Services
Restaurants Digital Marketing Services
Restaurants Digital Marketing Services

Functional restaurants do not necessarily be successful. Even if you follow the fundamentals well, offering good food and service at a reasonable price, you still cannot rely solely on word of mouth to keep your restaurant busy. Because of the fierce competition, whether it be offline marketing or online marketing, you must conduct the proper marketing for your restaurant. Radio mentions, newspaper ads, event organizing, and other tactics are examples of offline marketing efforts. Online restaurant marketing, sometimes referred to as digital restaurant marketing, entails establishing the restaurant’s brand presence on digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, websites, etc.

How Does Digital Marketing Work for Restaurants?

Our lives have been absolutely taken over by the Internet, and restaurant digital marketing is now a necessity. Restaurant digital marketing is crucial because it assists in focusing on internet users whose reviews can have a significant impact on your restaurant’s reputation. Several factors make digital marketing for restaurants crucial:

  • Internet marketing for restaurants reaches a wide audience and is less expensive relative to the potential earnings. It will be essentially free if you decide from using paid advertising or boost online posts.
  • Maintaining active accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will make you in touch with both current and new customers. As a result, you will always have a way for them to reach you in the event of a complaint or query, which will enhance your customer service.
  • Online marketing platforms can give you a large number of clients, both existing and potential, who will be receiving your marketing efforts due to their extensive reach.
  • Being online with customers will help you understand what they need from a restaurant and what is their impression of you. Customers typically voice their opinions online.
Challenges of our Client

The following are the major challenges faced by our client.

  • The company’s web presence was ineffective. Despite having a well-established brand reputation, it was not successfully acquiring online customers or engaging digitally.
  • Both the online ordering system and the website were inaccessible. They couldn’t increase internet sales.
  • They had difficulty reaching out to prospective clients and keeping their existing clients
  • They were lacking a digital marketing and social media strategy
Restaurants Case study
Our Strategy and Execution
  • Targeting nearby areas

We targeted the nearby areas to attract more customers to the restaurants by providing coupons with special offers to the people from surrounding areas. We also did local SEO. This increased brand awareness and spread the word about the restaurant.

  • Online delivery

We focused more on online delivery as there is a huge demand for the same since the onset of the covid pandemic. People find it more convenient than dining out these days as they can save time for traveling.

  • Launched a new website

We created a brand-new website for them according to their requirements with the help of our SEO team. It was accessible to everyone.

  • Influencer marketing

We invited popular influencers and travel vloggers to our restaurants and conducted campaigns with them on various social media platforms.

  • Ad campaigns

We ran social media ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram like coupons for previous customers and posting attractive cooking videos of our chefs and cooking challenges for our customers. We also used Google ads targeting close proximity radius for the restaurant’s location with relevant search keywords like “restaurants near me” and “nearby restaurant”.

  • Rise in organic traffic

The publication of important, high-quality content that also attracted links from other websites improved the organic search ranks. The restaurant’s page was also optimized with relevant keywords like “restaurants near me” and “nearby restaurant”. We also added food-related blogs in the website. This increased the site’s relevance and authority and attracted additional users. An amazing boost in organic traffic and backlinks was seen by our SEO.

  • Increase in website visits

The efficiency of our marketing strategies is shown by the rise in calls, the increase in website visits, and the significantly larger number of photo views.

  • Growth in social media presence

Organic strategies like regularly posting on social media sites with engaging photos and videos with excellent reviews to increase traffic and share photos on Google for local ranking. In this fashion, they saw a big boost in Facebook page likes and Instagram followers. Our marketing team was successful in attracting more clients, and their page growth on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.


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