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How to increase website traffic through blog writing?

Blog writing is widely popular as a means to share knowledge and opinions. But, their potential to increase website traffic has not yet been much explored. There are many companies and businesses that have blog pages included in their websites and are used as a means to pass on information to the public about their products and services. But, they can also be used as an effective content marketing strategy to improve website traffic by including relevant keywords and links to website pages.

Let us check how blogs can be an effective addition to your SEO and help your website to earn maximum traffic.

Keyword rich content

Keywords act as the key for an SEO friendly article. To know how, let us understand the method through which Google ranks a website. When a person search for a particular product or service in Internet, he uses a set of words related to that product for his search. There will be a similarity in the set of words related to a particular service. So, such search terms that are predominantly used by people in common becomes keywords and search engine automatically ranks those websites having these keywords on top of the search page.

For example, a person searching online for digital marketing companies in Dubai will usually type keywords like top digital marketing companies in Dubai, best content marketing companies in Dubai, top digital marketing companies in UAE, best content marketing companies in UAE, best SEO Company in Dubai etc. And, the search engine will identify those web pages that feature these keywords more times and display them on top of the search engine results page (SERP). As people are more prone to click these top results, those websites will gain higher traffic and leads in the long run.

So, finding the relevant keywords for your website using SEO tools is the first step towards creating SEO friendly blogs. Although, including maximum keywords is beneficial for your website, be careful not to over optimize by keyword stuffing, which will make your content underrated.

Choose relevant topic

Next, you must choose a relevant topic for your blog. It should support the services offered by the website, increase lead generation and must be interesting to the readers.

For example, a company providing web designing service can include a blog on effective web designing tips in their website. You may also use keywords like best web designing company in UAE that may help you to rank it better.

The person who is in need of web designing service will search the Internet for these tips and will end up clicking your website. Who knows he may turn out to be a future client?

So, make sure to choose relevant and interesting topics that can grab the attention of the reader.

Craft your blog well

Craft your blog neatly and in a catchy way to grab and sustain the interest of the readers. If the blog doesn’t have the desired quality, readers may bounce back, resulting in a low ranking website. Make sure that your blog possess the following qualities.

Catchy Title – It is said that ‘well begun is half done’. A title or headline that is appealing will instantly pull the reader towards the content.

Introduction – The intro should make the blog subject clear and must include some suspense elements that drag the readers towards the main body. It can be some intriguing questions or remarks that can create a surprise.

Structure – The main body should be neatly structured with short paragraphs and the central idea should flow from one paragraph to another without any interruption.

Conclusion – It should be a crisp paragraph that winds up the entire blog and should pose some questions that is worthy to think over or some solution for a problem faced by the readers. That’s what makes the readers visit your blog again.

Link building

It is always appreciable to include internal and external links in your blog. Internal links are those that take the reader towards other pages in your website. This will help to rank those web pages better. External links, on the other hand guide the reader towards other websites helping them to gain additional information. Both of them helps to gain SEO score as it holds the user to the website for a long time.

Call to action

Blogs must always have an aim that should be reflected in the call to action phrase or link and is usually included in the conclusion part. It should persuade the reader to take an action that was intended by the blog.


A picture is very powerful and is supposed to be worth 1000 words. They help to grab the attention of the reader in a second and also make the message clear.

Content clusters

Earlier, it was easy to attract search engines by simply stuffing a lot of keywords and rank the website. But now, search engines like Google has modified its search algorithm many times, thereby getting more accurate and can identify a well-structured content or website from the rest. They are looking for topic clusters than individual keywords to rank a website. So, it is necessary to create quality content that can attract both readers and search engines.


Blog writing can play a very important role in increasing your website traffic and is a very important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Blogs can serve as a valuable knowledge base for online seekers and attract many visitors to your website. But, if you want to gain maximum benefit from the blogs, it is necessary to make it SEO friendly; i.e., it should attract the search engine before attracting the reader.

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